Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Whole Spectrum

It's a brutal world out there.

Would you like some background music? -

Every son and every daughter once told,
In an instance a memory may turn into gold.
In a minute, the gold would want to be sold.
The glitter may never remain in one's constant hold.
The shine once traded,
The memory can never be faded.
It would haunt you till you last,
Like a spell you can cast.
So what you once heard, may come before your eyes.
What you once thought might just manifest in front of your sky.

The power of belief.

Sit tight child, we know you seek your relief.
A journey with no end,
A grand circus with nothing to spend.
Watch what you may like,
Glance at your insight.
Manifestation through light,
Thought of once through sound.
In a flux of energy,
We gather familiar synergy.
The smell of power.
The scent of the traitors tower.
The renegade.
The possession of the game.
The painting without a frame.

A simple strand of information.
Once heard, read or shared.
A ray of light, a stream of thought.
A relative, familiar experience.
Information became knowing.
Knowledge applied to form an experience.
Behold, manifestation.
We have now acquired, Wisdom.

What is this creature?
Is that a human bodied feature?
Can you breathe with your lungs?
Can you look above when you're stunned?

There's confusion in the air.
There, is a scientist's flair.

Is this all this world is about?
Can't imagination create doubt?
Has the time long passed,
Where there was a ray of white in the dark.
Can there be no more inventions?
Can we go to no more conventions?

Of course, it was meant to be.
Without basic logic, how can anyone see?
Oh, but what is it that you call logic?
And if it's not there, is the scenario always tragic?
Why, oh why. Can we not believe in a little magic!

To see something, to feel something, to hear something.
And still not believe it.
Stupidity. Ignorance.
If you can feel, see, touch and be.
What is it? why do you have to flee?

Ah, i see why.
Cos without logic, how can anything be free!
Of course, it must be.
Utopia is just a dream.
But we've lived it.
In moments, in seconds, and hours and frames.
We've felt it's silence, we've seen the beauty.
From the very music, slamming into our souls.

We see it.
A dreamer, and i'm not the only one.
What is it that a boy hasn't done.
Why can't he be called a man.
What roads must be tread on?
 However much we grow,
Still children inside.
From sunshine, we're alive.
By night, we dive.
In the darkness and the light alike,
By all means we let truth strike.

Sink into our eyes, and we will shine your power.
Whatever you have to offer,
We will personally chauffeur.
We let the universe decide,
Where what takes the strides.
Which soul may walk with pride.
Which wave may be a part of the tide.

The collective conscious,
The connected unconscious.
The million questions in my mind,
The trails our ancestors left behind.
I may talk about the far,
I may make you walk on that star.
I may even burn your own scar.
But i promise you..

The truth will give your humblest, brightest power.

With nothing more left to hide.
You may lay by my side.
You may smile, and sleep into the stillness.
Your vibrations clear, nothing may possess.
You walk free on this land,
With nothing in your head planned.
And you will discover,
Why i always say, the gates may be left unmanned.

But if and when the seed shall fall,
And the fiercest of evil may call.

I will find you.

I will unwind you.

I will tear your very surface.

I will smell out the leading trace.

And i will pass it on.
As memory.
As a reverie.
And the universe may absorb.
Absorb and interpret.
Interpret and respond.
And through waves of sound,
May leave you astound.

Or shine like rays,
And reveal a million grays.
Funny it may be, to see the world in gray.
Where all there is, is brilliantly colored hay.

From our paths, hope we never stray.

It takes courage to stand up and talk.
It also takes courage to sit down and listen.
And once you understand, why it is you may or may not glisten?
You may then realize the effort you've put in.
You may reap the seeds of the dreams you sit in.

Karma, is lady. Just make sure that she is beautiful.
Stick to the just.

Eventually, everything has to turn to dust.

What matters is what castle of sand you built.
A fort or a tomb.
A ground or a grave.
A party or a rave.
A celebration of the brave.
A battle of life.
A journey into inpsyght.
A dance of the gods.
A blessing from the lords.

To ability to see everything around you come alive.
It's magicc.
And magick is all there is.
To lure us to our beds.
Wondering how everything may sum up in the end.
Or will this road ever have it's last bend.

Well, it's not on us to see through the future.
It's not us to dwell in the past.
It's just on us to dance till we last.
It's just on us to laugh till we crack.
It's just on us to live in understanding.
It's just on us to see through the flight's landing.

Technological nightmare, oh sacred medieval prayer.
The frequencies travel, as another world of communication we unravel.
Emotions passing through wires? Who would've thought.
I'd say dreamt, and it's come alive.
This is how these inventions may thrive.
Ideas are unique as they come out of our minds.
They may be lost in the air, it's only a matter of time.
Invest in the thought that winds the day.
Into a string of purity, that may never fray.
A win is only a gesture, a loss another name for pain.
Detachment is the last lecture, when you no longer need to gain.

So walk past landscapes, jungles and rain-forest's.
Walk past mountains, capes, and plains.
Walk past the very demons, who's eyes go insane.
Walk past the evils in humans and beyond,
Fly into the light, and sing your favorite song.
For a day is just a day in the life of a day.
What comes to it, it takes.
Whether full of color, or just a shade of gray.

It is upon you.
With what you fill your tray?
For all the colors in the world ended up in a shiny white ray.

There we go,
The whole spectrum.
Live the colors, be the sound.
Give it your heart, dance through the ground.
Let your tree root, let your love be the fruit.
See the truth. Be the truth.
And it will set you free.

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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Welcome to my Forest

The engines roar, and the trains move.
The musicians have made the bass and grooves.
The people they listen, their eyes sometime glisten.
Oh yes they can relate, after all at times they're reminded of their fate!

Who is this man, this messenger they say. Why is he trying to make my colors gray?

Deviation from norm, is progress.
Stories they tell her, where she can hide.
Where she can drift, by my side.
It's only fair, she tried.
Why o' why, was he so wild?

Why o' kind miss, can you give me little kiss.
I'm just another child, making my way through the wild.
Fun it is, i haven't been lost, for my folks say that is the only cost.
Not knowing where to go, has shown me how the wind blows.
How nature can take its course, how without steps we climb floors.
To jump and sing and dance and be, how dark are the leaves of this little tree?

There's so much contrast, this journey may not last.
There's too much past, my heart is in a cast.
From love and lies, from failure and tries.
From pain and goodbye's.
From unlearning and getting high.
Aha! You're casting judgment, and you ask why your armor dents?

You mighty warrior, You beautiful queen.

You charming face. You luring grace.

You magician of sorts, You brightest of all.

You hunter in the dark, You frayed tree bark.

Care to take off your glorious mask?

I don't see why, you need to be shy.
I don't see why, you need to be high.
I don't see why, you need to put on a face.
I don't see why, you need to leave a trace.

What are these clever moves?
What game is it that you're playing?

Don't you know i'm the owner of wherever it is you're staying?

I can see all you do, i can be all you are.
I can tell you what you're not, i can make you disappear.

I can make you understand fear.
I can tell you to witness panic.

I can create a RELATIONSHIP between bold and italics.

The echoes of the distant tide 

I can show you the mirror, i can make you quiver.
I can capture you in a picture, and convert it into literature.
I can see through your eyes, and be what you see.
I can be your eyes, and see what you're meant to be.

Oops, i'm late. The train is taking off.

Wait, where's the runway?

Aren't you going to leave tracks?

What are you saying, is it a plane in the air?

What gifts do you bare?

Answer my question, where are we going.
What is it in the wind, that is blowing?

Of course, the answer.
Remember Dylan?

Ah! now you get it.
You act like the villain!
Ooh, you little child, you're such a clean soul,
why is this darkness your only goal?

Goddess. Here, there. Everywhere.

Well, i have this love for the dark,
you should see the brightness of my sight!
In this dark i will be the one to bring you light.

So you're telling me what i am,
Or atleast what is planned.
And there's no other way to go about it,
all of this is already scanned?

Well of course not!
You see, there are a million parallel ways.
In an ocean, there are a zillion waves.
So which one you want to ride?
Are you ready to become the tide.

Na, let it be. You can't see.
Really, you can't see.
What? What is it that you can't be?

Everything? you can't be everything.
Well, of course i can.
Welcome to my world.

Engineers they dance, in their lonely trance.
Mathematicians they equate, and weave up the fate.
Dancing into glory, until the morning sun may rise,
These scientists with every night, become another world wise.

Chefs cook the ideas up, manifest into the daily grub.
With food comes energetic spirit, you would never have to spin it.
But stir, don't let the ingredients blur.
Cook up the paradise, discard the daily demise.

Lawyers make the layers, keep an eye on the players.
Act as they must, but try and not let the ruling be unjust.
The flow can smudge. Intuition over instinct, they think as fast as we blink.

Management fills the air, its the shiniest glare.
To take the risk they mustn't blink, for the ship can always sink.
And along with it goes the captain.
The easiest goal is to tap in.
But to tap, you have to be there in a snap.
Otherwise the ball is gone, no more game to stand tall.

So be the play-makers, they don't need the credit.
Just let them edit.

Yes the designers alike.

Tall, short, thin, shabby, slow, fast, innovative and  spazzy.
 Their music always sounds so jazzy.
 The day is their intuition, you're in-tuition.

 Can you look over the confusion.
 Oh yes it's a must, let the chaos turn into dust.
 Raise your sand storm, walk through the evil forms
. And when finally the tunnel ends, we always already know.
The road's bend. To think but not listen, or talk and try glisten.

Or walk the talk, try and climb the top.
And once a peak, try the plains, because up the hill comes always the rest.
But then you have to go downhill.

Try and pay your bills.

Information:Time (Teaching) = Know(ing)ledge:Space(learning)
Information x Time

Manifestation : Contract x Expand = Wisdom = Experience (seeing)

So all i would say is.

Whoever you are to you and whatever you do.
Believe in it.

Dancing with the gods. @parvati records

Parvati Magick
I can, i will. Period.

Until next time,

Lots of love and light,
Soul Psykik

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

GOA- The Source - StarGazer Pt. 2

Note: This post is in continuance to my post from Mahashivaratri, Goa 2013 -

And so it seems that a divine time has cast it's magick spell upon us.
The GoanMantra is in the air.
Tranquility(top symbol), Sun/Moon/Horizon(Right)- Goa2013

WATER(center symbol) - GOA 2014
 We have traveled centuries beyond to finally reach this place of eternal bliss.
A time in place and history where nothing more has been foretold
or what happens tomorrow cannot be perceived by anyone,
 before tomorrow is actually today.

Sunset, @ Chronicle, Vagator
And so it's a first time for all of us.
There's this happiness in the air, a sense of belonging and freedom
 and not only to the places we were once comfortable in and called them home,
 but to anywhere and everywhere, and the whole arena seems to be our home.

Welcoming and friendly, there's atmospheric delight and grand insight.
It's a first time for all of us.

The source, from where everything arises and goes back to,
 has transcended into a massive black hole.
A black hole being something where there is nothing,
hence being the something where there is everything.
A place where nothing exists to give rise to everything that exists.

Anything that you can see, and imagine is yours to touch, feel and be.
It's truly the essence of who we are and what we do that defines us and where we go.
What we do with this life is it's only meaning.
Whatever meaning we want to give it.

Fear not amongst darkness and intimidation,
 as they are just illusions, of things which cannot exist without us.
As without us, there would be nothing to fear from.

Yes, our own self. The mirror that creates.

You see the fear in front of you?
 That's reflected by your own being and it's you.
Art produced in GOA by Malvika Jay

It is you and you are a part of it.
Enter the mud filled pit.

Enter the dark hole, and let the journey unfold.
After all were all born in darkness
to be able to live in the light,
but to live in the light your own
daemons you have to fight.

Once they perish, 
these moments you may cherish.
Of course, i love the dark.
It's where the brightest of stars are born.

Darkness is chaos, and you have to have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.

So dive into the chaos, become one with it.
Melt with it, and submerge yourself in your horror.

There will come a time when there is none left to submerge with,
and all your light and insight will converge.
Into one massive beam of white bright light.
Light so powerful, that even the blind may see it, or at least. Feel it.
They'll know we have everything to show, and nothing to hide.

We have become the ocean and it's powerful tides.
Into the wild desert we ride.
To look back is to look into fear,
Switch your gear, into infinity you may steer.
You are the captain, and you're the ship.
Your choices make you sink, your choices make you blink.
Your choices make you sail, your choices make you frail.
Your choices will make you fly, your choices will get you high.
And then you can try,and try to be divine.
Look for the omens, look for the sacred signs,
and closer you may be, for your destiny to unwind.

Flea Market @ Anjuna
You look for the sea and you find the sun,
you look for the horizon and you find none.
And then you complain, what life this is?
It's only what life ever is.
It gives you what you are,  it shows you whether you've come far.
Far from your pain, or far from your games, Or far from where you were.

Time to let those memories stir.

Time, is a natural healer.
They say patience is the worthiest trait of all.
It gives you that feeling of sitting down in silence,
with your vision focused and gently fixed with eyes at the horizon.
Which seek nothing, but knowing.
Knowing what comes, knowing what stands.
Knowing how to swim by any shark that opens it's jaws for prey.
Vantara Vichitra Label Party @ Monkey Valley, 17th Feb

You can surpass it of course.
You just have to be that underdog fish who sensed the shark,
before it arrives with it's gaping teeth, ready to shred.
But then again, it demands patience.
Not to loose yourself, against the fear or it's power.
Like everything else,
You can't just dive into the water knowing not how to swim.
And not expect to almost drown, at least twice.

But the third time you're drowning,
You'll already have known what's your last spot to survive,
and choose to give that last willing boost,
That spurt of pure and sheer power in you.
To cut through the waves, and fly out.
Through the water and into the sky.

And then you can shout out.
'I'm alive! '.
I'm a human being, darn it!
Portal Mechanism, 19 Feb, Soul Psykik

I am light 
I am infinite 
I am the channel 
I am expanding 
I am psychedelic 
I am vibration 
I am timeless 
I am unity 
I am activating 
I am resonate 
I am galactic 
I am radiant 
I am defined 
I am electric 
I am lunar 

I am magnetic 
I am planetary 
I am balanced 
I am organized 
I am connected 
I am inspired 
I am in harmony 
I am integrity 
I am perfect 
I am manifestation 
I am dissolving 
I am releasing 
I am liberated 
I am dedicated 
I am universalized 
I am enduring 
I am transcending mantra 
I am being 
I am communicating 
I am spirit 
I am breathing 
I am cosmic 
I am essence 
I am power 
I am action 
I am dreaming 
I am abundance 
I am intuition 
I am GOD 
I am extreme 
I am internal and external 
I am eye am flowering 
I am clocking 
I am aware 
I am life force 
I am surviving 
I am DMT 
I am spiraling 
I am art 
I am accomplishing 
I am healing 
I am beauty 
I am elegance 
I am pure 
I am flowing 
I am love 
I am chakras 
I am coinciding 
I am playing 
I am magic 
I am illusive 
I am free will 
I am wise 
I am exploring 
I am space and time 
I am waking life 
I am vivid 
I am enchanting 
I am timelessness 
I am incomplete infinite design 
I am alien 
I am human 
I am receptive 
I am vision 
I am energy 
I am mindful 
I am questioning 
I am answering 
I am intelligent 
I am fearless 
I am evolving 
I am eye I am opening my 3rd eye to the unseen vision 
I am translating 
I am synchronicity 
I am reflecting 
I am endlessness 
I am order and chaos 
Art produced in GOA by Malvika Jay
I am the Tao 
I am crystallized 
I am self generation 
I am affirming 
I am enlightened 
I am life 
I am tone 
I am color 
I am electronic 
I am lunar I am solar 
I am opposite I am polar language 
I am radial 
I am particles of plasma 
I am endurance 
I am cosmic 
I am releasing 
I am liberated 
I am perfect 
I am pulsing 
I am realizing 
I am the 1 because the 1 are all 
I am form 
I am in the infinite nothing that becomes the everything 
I am symbolic 
I am relative 
I am the divine spirit that harmonizes with the laws 
I am projecting the digital loom 
I am the tool of experiencing desire 
I am and finding ecstasy in process 
I am We, we are YOU
- Galactic Mantra ( Liquid Soul )
Sunset @ Fisherman's Shore, Chapora
Namaste, Love and Light from GOA
(The place where everything comes from and the place where everything goes back to)
The Source. Always expanding, ever contracting.
Love to all my friends all across the globe.

My Reach, Is GLOBAL.

My Tower,  SECURE.

My Cause, Is NOBLE.


Danke schön
In attesa di un anno di istruzione superiore in Italia, in Europa!
Verità prevalga

Soul Psykik, 2014

Monday, 27 January 2014

Illusionary Delusion, Visionary Retribution

The surface is broken. Welcome to the land of s(o)un(d)s
Some backdrop for your ears by SoulPsykik. Click me!
The land of s(o)un(d)s

I've had the opportunity to gain the temporary token,
It pains and cries, anger flows in disguise.
It saw and heard, it never wants to come third.
Always in the race, exuberating grace, its flawless design,
It goes even when not rhymed.
This path to perfection, turned into an infection.
It lost the soul, to let the world un-whirl.

Momentary grace, is now like a mask without a face.
Bred in silence, is tonal violence.
How can you see without, if you even cant see within.
A you who cannot be true, to the ingredients of your own glue?
What will you bond with then, when there is no surface.
What will you stand on then, when there is no sacred place.
What will you become, when you have come undone.
In music there's everything, and here comes the best part.
In it there will be no heart, just a second start.
To begin one of the coldest days, with the end on a burning pyre.
Lost myself to my own desires.
And then you say let me stand next to your fire?

Go ahead, stand and i'll be sure to leave the gates unmanned.
My heat is always on the front seat, i'm sitting patiently waiting.
What is it next that you'll be berating?
Oh it's just me, my words make no sense.
I wonder tonight, why the fog is so dense?
I see in awe, i never find the flaws.
I talk in grace, my truest face.

When you see my demons alive, then you say i'm not letting you thrive?
You've killed all your wives, and you've burnt all your lies,
and then you say you left a lonely man behind.
Come child, let the journey unwind.
This book i'd love to bind.
With my crayons and blood, we'll let the things smudge.
Lets create something of a show.
Every page is a new throw, and then we'll move to and fro.
I think i'll go, and i think i'll show, what i really am, what have i planned.
Art by Totemical

It's not to much, just the truth,
Just the secret to eternal youth.
Just some melodies arise,
Just some footsteps sound,
Just some people frown,
The rest wear the crown.

Dance is celebration,
The reason of my meditation.
The purity of my eyes,
 will now survive.
The darkness of my eyes,
 will now flow.
Like tears in the moonlight,
they will glow.

And out comes the love, that we're so proud to shove.
Wear it like a glove, and here's a hug.
Don't let your shoulders shrug.
The best of men, or at least aiming to be.
There is no hiding from the truth, don't flee.

Feel my heart and take it as a dart,
Pierce your soul, and let the gold fall.
From the ground it will call, it's my turn to stand tall.

Together we stand, divided we fall.
But when collided?
Let fate make the last call.

When balance arrives, and clarity thrives,
and you know who you are,
These memories will take you far.
You are now what you are to be and if that is so,
you can let it all flow.

And float in its beautiful silence. That's water.
That's formless. That's connected to every atom of your soul.
To the soul of the universe itself.
The illusion melts and its no more held back.

The truth, the secret to youth,
It's the power of faith, of honesty and hard work.
It's the thriving heat of every beat in your mind,
and then you ask what else is there to find?

This is just the start, i'm lighting the spark.
There is nothing more, there is no shore.
You have the whole floor.
The stage is yours.
Let's dance.
GOA 2014.
Namaste all!
Danke schön

The way to the surface

Saturday, 4 January 2014


I don't know how to say this or what to start with but i do know what to end with. 
Welcome, to the altered states.
Digital Representation by

It's the beginning of the beginning and the end of the end but it seems like just another bend. 

The road goes on, and so does the travel. 
Its how destiny unravels as the world sinks through holes,
and the gentle surface of nature twirls, and we find ourselves lost in space.

A time hole of sorts. 
Where at will and power arise ,thrills like meteor showers.
We are wired into a time of technology and development,
 and advancement of thought.
For centuries the medieval have fought,
 but here comes and era of 200 screaming beats,
blasted through the floor, bombarded through the streets.
Memories they last, and when the present collapses,
comes an endless bubble of unforeseen trouble, 
as we anticipate how to run, and how the story comes undone.

But that's the thing about the moment, we can cry and wail and torment.
There is nothing like the flow, there is nothing like being judged.
There is nothing like having your life in front of you smudged.

Your center of gravity is all that keeps you from insanity.
Don't have to refrain from profanity.

Don't be that guy.
I called you once, i called you twice.
I did not think about you after the thrice.
I just kept you with me so you can be,
and here you are just the same flower.
Brighter in my soul, my heart weaving your gold.
What is it oh love, what is it above.
From where arose the spice, what brings your skin to a boil?
Does it have to spill turmoil.

I roll from ground to ground, only to find these flashes surround.
I have this journey without an end, I am the path, however much you bend.
You have to walk on me, and i am your vehicle.
So where will you live, once you perish my name.
What will you train, once you've lost your own brain.

It's a matter of words, and words are all i have.
Word's are all we have, words are what make us laugh.

Smile, its simple. 
It has to be, once you know how not to flee.
Once you know what it means to pain.
Once you know what it means to gain.
Once you know what it means to feel.
Once you know what it means to see.

Music. It's us, it's everywhere.
I'm everywhere, you are everywhere.
Wherever you stare for too long you find,
How deep these memories, have you bind.
What art you make, what books you create.
What norms you hate, what armor you make.
You are your captain, you are your ship.
You are your flight. 
Just spread your wings.

And thus you'll find.
You taste everything just fine.
The colors you eat, your eyes will teach.
What you see is what you saw, what you see is what the universe saw.
It goes up, it goes down,

With perfect weight, it balances around.

When the other side is humble as my tide is,
it will dissolve into the ocean.
When the motion is upset, The situation will demand regret,
and once we enter the void,
It's only my floyd.

My echoing silence, wave forms twisted via violins.
Music to my ears, from emotions to tears, we feel it all.
But we never take its fall.

Watch, don't stare. Observe but don't glare. 

Or what's the point, you see what you want.
Whether its a victory glance, or a miscalculated taunt.
Either way, it's the same checker board.
The king checks his mate, the cards exclaim fold.
It will rain like never before, water will prevail as the age arises,
And the rivers will gush, they're over excited.

To find this way, is what i'm built for.
To rest in any hay, with a child like heart.
As innocent we are, we try not to lose our spark.
It's a mellow world out there, colors sometimes collide.
But that's the good thing about colors.

They're all just art.
Small colors to a big story. The macro-scopic picture.
But just like any hologram, the color is the macroscopic picture itself.
As without a world of it's own blue, how can it ever be navy hue?

Or touch the sky and absorb it's calm, or apply its sensuous turquoise charm.
I've told you once and i tell you again.
Don't try it, let it try you.
Don't fry it, let it fry you.

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
If only you pondered upon my words a little longer ...

Whilst entering this sacred space, 
do not lurk for a scent or trace.
My beautiful thoughts will reconcile
 your beautiful mind.
You wouldn't recognize the place you'll find. 
All in all you are meant to be divine,
 so look more around you.
There is a lot of time.

Don't lose your world,
 it's that which you stand upon.
To be the universe.
You're already there, already a part of it.

Your fingers already know what to play,
And how to play fair, it's the technological nightmare.
In the night comes power, and with power comes clarity.
In the day comes silence, in silence comes strength.
What's the ongoing trend?

I admire your lack of judgement in your endeavors,
but don't lose your soul whilst your try and be clever.
If the rest of the planet were to absorb these waves,
wonder how many other strings they'd fray.
How many lives they'd save and how mammy wives they'd make.

Agni, Fire.

The amount cast upon revives itself tri-fold. It burns the spark itself.
Why would you try fire against fire? It would only multiply in failure to comply,
and render its very existence into the most revengeful color you haven't known.
Because what comes from within will never be part of the sin.
Is when your eyes are smiling and your mind is silent.
Your bodily vehicle parked.
Don't just be the spark. Be the fuel, light yourself on fire.
Seek those who fan your flames (rumi).
Abandon your only game, it is your name.
If you are one, you are none.
When you are all, you can never fall.

Try to realize it's all within yourself, no one else can make you see.
And to say that really only we're all once and life goes on within you and without you.
Innocence, when you find 'it'. You find 'you'.
But will it ever find you?

Depends on your innocent blue days. 
Where there is no hay, no games to play.
Look down upon, or frown upon.
Or enter the town and parade your crown.
Only time can tell, where your knowing may dwell.
It's the spur of the moment. Its where all the magic lies.

Come, join me.

He once exclaimed! 
" Let me tell you about heartache and the loss of god, wandering. Wandering, hopeless nights. Out here in the perimeter there are no stars. Out here we are stoned, immaculate. "

Back in those days where everything was simpler and more confused.

It's a funny thing about music. 
You can hear it, but you see it.
You can't tell that you're sinking but you can feel it.
You feel it, but then you want to be it.
When you be it, you know what it is.
It is you, you have become it.

Happy 2014.
All the love and light to you.
May you 'be'.

Joy, is the word of the year.

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Thursday, 14 November 2013


Ps. You can play this for an audio introduction to this piece of writing.
      I told you, Winter is here.

Digital Representation by

When you find yourself upon times of heartache,
when you find yourself upon times of loneliness,
When you find yourself upon times of loss,
when you find yourself upon times of darkness.
Know, that you too arose from the dark.

Chess, it's more like life after all.
In a game of black and white, it's decided which one becomes the light.
The black is after all the darkest shade of white.
There are pawns, and plays. There are games for may.
The queen moves, the horse moves, the bishop takes the calls.
The king takes the fall, or the king takes it all.
In the end, it's the king's last bend, which will decide what comes into life.

But i tell you know, and you must listen.
Because with my truth, i've seen your eyes glisten.
It's no more a game, it's no more insane.
We've all felt the sorrow and the pain.
Choose now we must, what turns into light and what fades into dust.
It's your truth to carry, and your truth alone.
What paths you chose, where lies your sacred rose.

It's going to be long, before the fog dies out,
And within the fog, will dissolve your shouts.
Clarity is knowing, and i will lay it out.
I will show you what's going on, believe me without a doubt.
What new wings we've sprout, and what demons survive,
They will be our own, and we shall strive with hope,
We shall watch our world thrive.
The goddess and Sacred Geometry

Whilst we stand still.Oh yes, we stand still.
Just sit by the sill. And let it spill.
I once mentioned, there is a new king in town.
Don't make him frown.
Humble is our true color, don't diverge.
You'll lose your crown.

And once it falls, i'll be there.
To me you can call.
I'll be the one who makes you stand tall.
Together we stand, divided we fall.
The date is due, i now enchant my sacred hues.

And so it begins, the grand new season of the shows yet to manifest,
and we carefully sail through the future to determine what present may arise,
from the past that we witness as every moment fades and becomes grey from blue.
Step into the morning sun and find by afternoon the mist will come,
and hazy once again may be the air, but your light is present and,
you can guide the way and cast a spell on the ongoing trend.

Here's a short story for you.

I begin to narrate how deep entangled in fate this destiny pursues a universal theory.

N : Ego is what makes you. Without a stand you ought to fall.
Without a fall you ought to lose. Without losing you are never to learn.
Without learning you are to never know,
what magic ones ego is because it is active at ones will.
It's sometimes better to give in the hard way.
Move after you are vindicated.

K: Ego is an illusion. You can just move into the moment,
let a false self of yours take over so that you can let it do the hard work,
and in turn work wonders. You are learning.
But don't forget to dissolve it, before it dissolves you.

N: Everything has a purpose for its existence. 

K: Detachment. Involves detachment from ego as well. 
It's not you. It was you.

N: Detachment is a variation of an ego.
It persists with the illusion of a non-existent emotion.
That of an anti-human. A human is bound to care.

K: That's the point. You can just be human.
Or be your godself. Like you were created to be.
All absorbing, all empowering.

N: Cats ruled the world once. Then all the rulers became dogs.
Because dogs cannot be ruled, they can only be tamed.

K: If they can be tamed, i already rule them don't i?

The arrival of desire towards any thought or action,
indicates a strong energy, in synergy.
Synchronized with the emergence of passion unwinding a chain of events,
that shall change everything.
It's the power of true soul, friendship in its rawest form.
And it shall create tidal waves which smash upon the enemies door,
with the glorious om riff playing and it shall barge into the general weapon.
Of unkindness and ignorance that spans across the air and plunges,
towards its magnificent white shield, and shall bounce back.
Like the most basic of reflections.
Repulsion of the unkind.
Whoever you may claim to be, whoever you are.

I am whatever flavor your medicine tastes like.
Let's dive.

P: Just be people, my lovelies. And you will all be at peace.

We're perched at the highest branch going headstrong into the analysis of motion,
and we discover we just have to be who we are and the universe and gravity,
will shift accordingly and create a thunderous storm across time,
and surprise those who don't like being surprised.
Love is ancient and magical and the more we move towards freedom,
the more we reach out, towards love.
From anywhere, from everywhere.
Nothing is wrong when we are graceful with our thoughts.

Where the sun meets the water and the sky meets the sea, that's where i'll be.


Sunday, 13 October 2013

'Strictly Fashionable' - A clothing story!

And so i take you backwards, on a journey which will take you forward.

We've been waiting too long to enter the new voice, where your actions create ripples through time to provide for a solid background, a place where you can work hard and touch the stars. The relationship between colors, and how they mingle to create exquisite desires.
We are the designers. 

Open from above, and accepting change with love,
it's a new destination we've reached this time.
You see it's all about cohesion, what you allow,
and what you respect, what you discard, and what you accept.
When creativity knows no bounds,
so does the world and it's holographic sounds.
You move within a story to find another one creating it, to analyse it, is narrating it.

My favorite role model - 'Prama' by Pratima Pandey
This is not a one man army,
this is called collective farming.
We sow the same seed,
and our actions work towards the same deeds,
where belief is the strongest vehicle,
speed now above sound,
we are  moving with the light.
What will you fight?
They send us gifts of treason,
they lay down spikes and challenge us over reason,
they try and make the movement stop,
they cannot see the plant grow it's stalk.
But now you'll know, the weather is our flow,
and so was yours.
Season of change is here.

I cannot stress much more importance on the fact, Winter is here.
From countless memoirs ago,
i've set this grand show,
and now you will finally know,
what is called the 'Global Flow'.
Currents coming in from the north, waves evolving in the south,
the medium is in havoc.

Well, not yesterday it wasn't,
but today my friend, is a new day.
The moon has finally set forth the cycle of change,
and now begins the solar exchange.
Get ready, the show goes on.
You wanted to rumble in my jungle? I take you on.


Rehane - Crazy about color
The small difference between exposure and sensuality is what counts,
Gently graceful is always the winner,
that soft skin that flaunts.
The serenity is found in the calmness of the walk.
The goodness is shown with the tolerance in the talk.
The fashion world has danced to the tunes of romance,
and tasted a pinch of our world of freedom.

Co-existence has secured a future destination.
Where youth, music, and fashion collide.
Waves of celebration over and over arise.
Work seems like a ramp of revelation, its like being the play-station.
Explore now what your hard work has got you,
where you sit and what you teach.
It's because this new aura has a lot to teach.

Yes, We're going to a party.

We're in the middle of the storm yet you seem so calm, water all around us.
We're floating in the ocean and there's beauty all around.
Keep an aim, discard the fame and a simple smile will do, as we privately view the new.
Instances so few where you fall and still smile, it's the golden Nile.

Ruchika Sachdeva's 'Bodice'
The middle east is now one with us, and now we have the power to take this country of divinity far.
We have worked together, and this bond shall stay forever.
Our names written in history but we stay quiet, because limelight is not our stage.
Now comes the mature phase.
We are the creators of the show, we are the simple flow.
We sit and do wonders with our hearts, our words shooting in the atmosphere like stars.
Born to be wild, there's true happiness tonight.
Mrinalini's take on Desaturation
Dance to glory, and spread the story.
India has won, the enemies rid of their guns.

 Political power has ceased and agreed,
as we plant the new seeds, and just water the gentle stalk, interact with humble talk.
The designers of today, are the gods of tomorrow, they aim to rid this world of only sorrow.
With garments ending on an Epiphany, the paranoia is over.
It's time to flower.

Ages have passed but we learn from the past,
how memories make the dreams last.
It's not about our will, that we see the shrill,
we can only learn, then unlearn and be stern.
As the models walk, and the press talks,
 it's our story being told for the world to be bold.

This world accepts the new generation, and trains begin to enter new stations,
this grand show held every year, teaches the world not to loosen up to fear.
As we grow so do our new age children, they bend the laws of  logic and reason.
Ritesh Kumar's Paranoia

That's what it's about, isn't it?
How creativity binds and gives rise to the legit?
We have the power, and its not our mind,
it's the heart that has our direction confined.
We are part of the divine, and we get finer with age, just like wine.

It's a true story, captains of our own ship,
we sail on the seas analyzing our own trip.
And as we do, we enter the new void,
where people may stop and stare to find.
But there is nothing here left to avoid.
We have our own voice.

Paromita Banerjee's refreshing take on tradition
Our powerful vision.
We know how and when to make a decision.
Similar atmospheric presence we see,
we capture the essence like the everlasting trees.
And as the humblest of designers say,
never forget your roots,
never look for the fruit.
In abundance and harmony we flow,
we make friends wherever we go.
No good deed goes unnoticed,
no greed unpunished.
Choose to be honest,
choose to be compassionate and rumble in this wild forest.
This world is only one, but its works are a million,
and as we cover miles a trillion;
We believe in deliverance,
 we choose our own conveyance;

We makes events last, we ride the people of unnecessary dark.
We see only with clarity, and we define whats sanity.
Its a mad world true, but the 'mad' is the new sane.
And as always, from plasticity we refrain.
Glamour is alright, but from simplicity comes insight.
Do your job but don't make it your lief, and you'll see.
The world is full of spice!
Darkly romantic fantasy by Nitin Kartikeya
The grand fiesta teaches how to be free.
Free from desire, free from thought, absorbed in work;
Never to let the silence drop.
How to reach the stillness embedded within you,
when all around you chaos inculcates the new.
Whatever may come we stand like a tree.

Rooted to the earth, this is not a first.
We've learnt from civilizations gone by,
its not all hard, you just have to give it a hearty try.

When you know you can't run,
when you know you've all got to be right here.
Try and only clear this collective haze, and give rise to a new phase.
Where manifests what is truly needed, not according to you.
Only how destiny had pleaded.
And as always, we sail in acceptance.
Of what was, is and will be.
Abraham & Thakore 'Simple'
We are now free.

New music, and the new walk.
They bring in the new dew, the atmospheric presence is no more few.
There is equality in the presence and there is similar essence.
Rimi Nayak's ' Miss Type '
The ramp walk begins, and we count their sins, and then they count ours.
Who will emerge as the new star?
Will you go far, beyond your physical body,
or will you just sit there and let the boss do the talking?
Whatever it is you choose, i will assist you with our creativity infused.
Let's make some music, it's the new sound.
And that is how the difference is found.
Time to astound.

What a world it may seem!
Where everything fits from dresses to shoes, hair and persona.
Where people flaunt their internal fauna.
It shows how this world of synchronicity is made up.
Wherever you go, you find a pre-nup.
An agreement to watch, sit and stare.
As beauty shows its colorful flairs.
In elegance lies the power, in ignorance there's only dark.
Carry yourself to the simplest of people,
they provide you the definition of reason.
Anupama Dayal's 'Gulabi' collection
There is no room for even the justified treason,
as you see only what you are,
that's your sacred power.
Disregard the rest, and take it off as just a dress.
Throw on your single piece,
and rush to the beauty beach, preach what you teach.
Forever stays the magic, you have the perfect packet.
The media is inspiring to the world which is conspiring.
Follow your soul, to the people who are bold.
And have their story as yours, told.

Elasticity is the new world, where the next turn unwinds.
The new look, the old fashion.
How it's molded into our world, and how its concepts are told.
How its inspirations are formed into garments of silk and cotton.
How the length of the cloth shortens and creates a new pattern.
From psychedelia to dark, from traditional to the new age spark.
Everything flows in connectivity and travels at the aid of electricity.
Modern Tradition.

The inventions have a mask, the real face hides in the dark.
It's purpose is to be show, in cameras and ramps alone.
The one true message, we are all one.
Whether its money, whether its play.
Whether its showbiz, whether we run stray.
The only cause is to make the crowd applaud,
because they only buy what they see.
From the fragments of their own vision.
Whilst your creativity may get you places,
it's their creativity which will plant your traces.
So put on your new face, and enter the dawn.
It's simple business and simple talk.
All we have to do, is enter the shop.
Power of Indian women.
Designer : Tanieya Khanuja

Love and light from New Delhi.
Thank you to all the beautiful designers and models for this story.
We shall go forth, go far!
Thank you FDCI for this mind-opening experience.
And thank you, team DMD!
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Love, music and grace!
Kartik Bajaj.