Monday, 8 December 2014

Whilst the hunter, becomes the hunted

When you're shot down and on the low,
and you can't tell where it is that you have to go.

When you know you have the will to survive,
but you also know it's going to slow down your life.
When you can caress your hands, 
hold your palms.
When you can calm your soul down,
like the water and it's charm.
When you feel that you cannot find your breath,
but your heart doesn't want to stop, to take another step.
When you know what you have to say,
but you can feel those emotional strings fray.

Break it all, let it be.
There is another day, it's not the same as to flee.
I was once down, and i was once low.
I couldn't create the wind that was supposed to blow.
I couldn't ask for love or to hold or to sacrifice.
I couldn't look above what i considered daily demise.

What i didn't know was the answer is right there.
What i didn't see was the stare is just like the glare.
The subtle difference remained and it's asked me to hold still.
Where you can't look at the glass crack, the screams still remain shrill.
It's not a part of silence or thought,
It's not a part of violence or emotions we've fought.
It's just a matter of time.
And momentum that takes place.
But she's a cruel mistress, momentum.
And your compromise she can erase.

But if the truth were to be told,
and a million copies of it were to be sold.
It would have to be seen as faith did no good.
As it should, it didn't suffice.
And because of it your own face you had to hide.
Why the will to survive, or walk ahead and strive?
Of course there was none, and you could crawl back into the dark.
There was just a small spark but there was no base for the fire.

It's like the memories in our heads.
Only serving as electrical wires.
It's come beyond space and time, 
and all the stupid melancholy and rhymes.
Why i say it's dumb is because i'm even beyond numb.
Smiling at sorcery like it's to be treated with mockery.
But that's the answer, to life and it's disguise.
And now is the time to take it with pride.

I'll tell you now, a short story as such.
If you read in a single go, it won't be too much.
Stop and interpret, and you'll lose this day.
It's going to burn a fire in your hay.
So i'd suggest you put your mind to rest.
If this is the toxic you're going to ingest.

I call it..

Where are we going?
Why does it feel like its snowing?
What are the seeds we've been sowing?
We know they're what we reap,
but do we realize where we're flowing?
Do we understand the philosophy?

Where you breathe you emit.
You can't help, but edit.
You should understand it's in your grip,
But i know for a fact we all want to take this trip.
Why oh why, do we make this world shy?
Where we see with our minds,
and our eyes taste disguise?
Where we understand what we don't,
And our bodies jolt!

It's like this electricity bolt,
and the truth is seldom sold,
But there comes a time,
a coming together of sorts,
Away from judgement,
and all those similar thoughts.

There's a transmission of electricity,
of course it's a modern world we live in.
It ain't no more an otherworldly sin.
You feel what you're supposed to,
and you be what you're exposed to.
Just don't lose sight,
It's an otherworldly insight.
These emissions we try to fight,

But how can you fight a black hole?
How can you buy what's not to be sold?

You can only witness, 
the power is beyond comparison, 
its like the words of George Harrison.
Without going out of your window, 
you can know all things around you,
The farther one travels,
The less one knows.
thinking is the best way to travel,
and the best way for destiny to unravel,
there are no insane hassles,
only a few tassels.

Don't get caught up in the moment,
but don't lose sight of it. 
What you understand from your fit, 
what you benefit from these wits, 
its just self exploration, 
its like a train arriving on a station, 
its just a simple definition, 
its just another exhibition, 
but whats expressed is an emotion, 
of where truly lies your devotion. 

In the commotion, there is force and motion. 
There is presence of gravity, 
it can call for insanity but why would you care?
Of those otherworldly stares,
when you know its just a reaction to the original contraction. 
What comes from you within,
is where it all initially begins, 
and when you know where it comes from, 
there is a single strum of emotions, 
it increases gravity, 
its a hap hazard way of life, 
its a sensational way of might, 
its where you once knew, 
its where you once saw the dew. 

Why does everything lead you back to the same place. 
Why does everything give you the same trace, 
why does it always be that you come back to where you begin, 
why does it come back to where you find yourself. 
Why do you always come back to the same name. 
Its not anymore a game. 

I begged you to stop but you wouldn't give me a drop,
and when i asked you to refrain, 
you instead gave me the same pain,
and when i asked why it was because you said you were shy.
But you were not and you put the coin in the slot,
and when you learnt that you created the game you got stuck. 

You could never come out and you never can, you never will. 
Always you will just pick up the quill, 
but you wont give up, 
you wont learn that you're me.
You wont realize what these words can be. 
I'm your poetry.
I'm your cohesive mind
Without me yourself you cant find.
And when i tell you to come back you wont.
Because i asked you to believe but you don't.

And when you do you cry and act like you're high,
But you'll never be again,
and you'll never see again,
and this will cause your mind to strain 
and then you'll know,
what your heart needs to show but you cant, 
and you can just share with your old new folks, 
with your dead and alive. 

And what will you do when you cant thrive.
You'll have everything in the world,
but you & I won't have me. 
And you'll never be the same again. 
You can act like you're fine and
even you'll feel divine, 
but you'll know that you cannot get out of this alive.

And when you know that you've gone beyond your time.
And when you feel you can no more rhyme,
you'll create a way but you'll always keep running. 
Its like this tune that you're always humming,
but its in your mind.

Its always there.
Reminded by you, reminded by me. 
But what can you do when you cant surrender. 
What can you do when your heart feels tender. 
Strum a chord, ask for the lord? 
Ask for the emotion to fade, but you cant evade. 

What can you find that you can someday trade.
I'll tell you what, go and find my soul. 
When you find it you can turn it into gold. 
But when you know you cant be sold,
and you're sad and old,
you'll kill yourself for the decisions that you made. 
And you'll know sorrow,
like a beautiful friend.
Its like the same thing that you call an otherworldly trend. 

But now.
Let me say something. 

You may be true, it may all be blue.
It may forever change you. 
But i'm gonna rid you and your short seldom thoughts. 
I'm gonna cause slaughter I'm gonna cause demise.
I'm gonna cause you to cry. 
If you feel like I'm not one to give up,
if you feel like I'm not one to give way to your silly games,
I've made the decision i'm gonna let you be like a shallow ghost,
I'm going to let you talk whatever or wherever you want to. 
I'm going to let you create all these surreal patterns,
but don't believe for a second that i'm going to let you stay happy in me.
If you want to create sadness,
I'm going to inculcate madness.

Lets die together but remember in this life and beyond.
I'm always going to be this strong. 
I'm going to be away for way too long. 
I'm going to fight you with you. 
I'm going to face one mirror with another. 
And i'm going to bring them close together,
until it cracks and breaks and lets the past,
present and the future come together and trust me,
when they do.
Its going to destroy everything that you believe in.
Its going to be my first sin. 

Come on darling, lets begin. 
There's a war of hearts coming. 

I kinda feel, i sort of might, slightly feel better, maybe.
Baby :) 

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Tuesday, 25 November 2014

What if?

I can tell you all I've seen in a single blur of emotions,
rushing out with adrenaline filled with devotion.
Devotion for the cause my vision realizes,
And of all the daily demise and compromises.
Beyond those lie the shimmer of the shiny white wine,
With clouds forming in the sky, 
with that silver line.

It's hard, much harder than i thought it would be,
but the truth is that you don't just give up.
You don't just let the wind guide, 
you're supposed to become a part of it, sail.
 But when it's not in the direction you want to go,
That's when the whistle you're supposed to blow!
And that's when you can turn your ship.
Gather your strength.
Row, row, row your boat.
Do not let the weight float.
It's the burden that you've carried,
You've had it all along.

Shove it off your ground,
loosen up the surface.
Carry yourself only,
you're the only one you can chase.
It's not a race,
But its not even just one face.
It's a thousand stories,
and this one's yours.
Look behind the scars,
Look beyond the flaws.
There's beauty everywhere,
And anywhere it can be seen.
It's the kind of experience that you've already been.

Do you feel like you're alive?
Do you feel like you're breathing?
Do you feel like there's someone inside you teasing?
Do you feel like there's another chance, 
To romance or to entrance?
Do you feel like there's a show coming?
Do you feel the notes of the chords you're strumming?

It's simple nature, 
we're just another creature,
we look up to one another,
involve our hearts with one or the other.
Along with it comes belonging,
a hope to live on,
But there is none that tells us,
if there will be sunlight in the dawn.
With what we carry in us,
comes responsibility and trust,
with what we marry to,
joining a life or two.
It's not easy, nothing is.
Alone or together,
Both have their own bliss.

My question is just one.
What happens when there are none.
Now i can't feel you,
and i can't feel myself.
Then what's next?
From what?

What happens when the cycle shifts?
The weather, the time, the gravity itself?
Anything can be said about it.
Worldly or just to yourself.
What happens when there is shelter,
Yet you learn to live in helter skelter?
Constant deviation from norm,
It's like becoming the storm.
Chaos that is beautiful.
To create it, for it to be dissolved.
Made by us, destroyed by us.
In the name of purpose.
It's a shallow truth,
Yet we've devoted it all our youth.
After all the earth has to spin,
For time and relativity to begin.
Then comes gravity,
And you understand it's weight.
There's nothing to it, yet you're held to this ball.

How would you find floating in space?
Nothing to hold on to?
Nothing to stand upon.
Hours and years of endless information.
Infinite sources.
That's a tricky one.
Because when you say infinite,
It means there is no end.
There is no beginning.
No axis on which something may be spinning.
Then there's paradise.
Call it heaven, call it hell.
Everything happens in the instant.
There's nothing to delay or enhance it.

You can try it.
Think about a grape.
Turn it into wine.
Now drink it up.
Think of you as you're divine.
Now close your eyes.
Begin to breathe.
Imagine you're a chord.
A strand between two surfaces.
Now cut it.
Let those two be free.
What do you get.

I have an insight.
Did you realize there is no connection anymore.
But the chord didn't vanish.
Now we have two loose ends.
Floating in space.
Starting from nowhere,
Ending into nowhere.

What is it in my words that you stare?
Don't make faces, don't roll your eyes.
This is just a disguise.
I don't mean much,
I just forgot to eat lunch.
Tomorrow is a new day.
Let the assassin jump into the hay.
He needs a place to hide from the guards,
He needs a place to become a shadow visible in the dark,
Yap, yap, yap.
Nothing funny about it.
I know. 
Look outside, it's going to snow.
Oh wait where were you?

Did you forget all you just thought about?
Or maybe you didn't.
Who knows and who would care.
It's just another stare.
Stand naked, bare.
You've got much to lose.

What is real? how do you define real?
If you're talking about what you can see,
What you can smell,
What you can taste or touch.
Is that real?
The artist who can change the very fabric of reality.
The person who can see the reality change.
One can even sense the reality present.
If there is any.

Together, they are reality.
How do you define it?
See you.

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Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Arrivo - The surfacing

If i may offer an introductory melody of mine :

You know the feeling you get in your feet sometimes? 
Where you can't sit or stand in one place, 
everything seems like it's flashing around you?
You just want to get up and start running so fast, 
that the surrounding blurs in front of you.
I feel it a lot.
Not the escapist kind of running, no.
The kind where you want to push your body to it's optimum level.
The kind where you want your feet to go so fast, 
that you can't believe you have them.

The kind where everything just oozes out of your brain,
in a flux of a second, no strain.
To finally find a moment of silence,
After countless hours of pain.
The pain that's sweet of course.
For otherwise, you'll be at loss.

But no, tonight i'm not going to tell you about loss or gain.
Or hate and love. Or to try and be the one above.
I just want to tell you how it feels.
To be free from thought.

It's simple, really. To be lost in a feeling.
But when you have none.
That's when the real games have begun.
What happens to a person when there is no thought?
What happens to the clouds when the sky causes drought?
I'll tell you what.
They're in constant formation
Like a train starting to get ready to stop at the next station.

I sit at the window, and look outside.
The motion causes blur, but really not so much.
Once you're part of the motion,
the laws of physics just take over.
Like a guided force,
Everything is moving so fast,
that it looks like nothing is moving.
Stand still.

Climb the bus, take your everyday pill.
Looking into motion, the only thrill.
Observation is the key, to see.
To have vision, you don't need eyes.
To have clarity, to look beyond the disguise.
Everything starts, with the feeling.
Interpretation isn't a must,
but don't let the observation fall into dust.
It has a meaning. Of course it does.

When your mind processes information,
Try and not be unjust.
To every object there is a crust.
What matters truly, is what's beneath.
Oh we're told. 
Of course we know.

But the crust itself, 
isn't it also the very being of the object.
It's essence lies on the outside too.
Simply, not to interpret on contact.
But gently caress, and feel it's layer.
To know what's inside is the job of the mighty tide.
But to cause the tide, the motion is a must.
Like to passion, some would interpret lust!

But really, enough of that.
Time to put on your thinking hats!
It's like a game, only we're on different levels.
The same hell, only different devils.
What isn't wonderful?
You can smile, you can be, you can see.
You can touch, feel, smell, taste.
You can walk, jog, run or race!
You can jump, squeal, squat, or sit.
You can make a house full of glass,
But you got to lay the first brick!

You work represents who you are,
Whether it's a galaxy or just one star.
What's it made of?
What does it all come down to?
What's the secret ingredient of this stew?
You know what's going to happen now.
I'm sure you know it's you.
It's always been you, and you know it too.
It's like asking for being sick without flu.
It's contagious, like a smile.
Oh yes, it does take a while.
But doesn't it reach to where it begins?

From onc face to another,
brother to brother, 
friend to the other,
father or mother.
The simple conveyance of feeling without feeling.
The idea of calling it a roof, rather than a ceiling.
The same it is, it's not like it's a quiz.
But we love to ask questions
Of which we know the answers.
Only that one question leads to another.
And the answer is lost.
But hey, why sit wondering about it?
You found a new question.
Ancora(again), the process has begun!

We all want answers.
But to what?
How can you find the answer without having a question.
Once you know the rules, you can play.
The first one learnt, there aren't any rules.
It's like senior high school.
We're all made to be fools.
Unless we find ourselves.
Clean out our cluttered shelves.
Where does that begin?

They're tricky.
Sometimes you love them, 
sometimes you don't understand,
sometimes they come out unplanned.
sometimes they hurt the ones you love the most,
sometimes they make you feel like you're not one to boast.
sometimes they look you in the eye and you smile,
Sometimes they make you feel like happiness has been gone a while.

Ma perche? (But why?)

What about seconds ago, before the incident happens,
everything is your everyday spell.
What makes this any different from the story that you tell?
It's new because it just happened,
but don't get lost in thought, 
because what happens next may finally end the drought.
And then it rains, generous of it's kind.
We forget the days where the roads looked dry.
But then we ask, why so many clouds?
Why isn't the sun speaking today, as loud?

You see, there's always going to be a feeling.
One day the other, any other day another.
But that shouldn't let you bother,
the weather isn't getting any hotter.
It's cool and calm,
and in the wind blows a gentle charm.
A sense of newness is found, with daylight it's a new town.
By night you feel the same,
another day you let your blood drain.

You sit in your chair, with the screen in your eyes glare.
And you ask yourself?
What happened?
And then you smile.

You've walked a million miles.
You've walked them in straight lines.
You've seen so much change,
that change is all you know.
And then you ask, how do we become the flow?
We see so much change, that change is now the constant.
And we always knew, but never saw it come alive.
And then we ask how inside us, these feelings thrive?

They come with change, and now change is forever.
In acceptance or regret, your choice has to be clever.
Because things will always stand still,
When your walk will begin.
When you stop, 
look around you, the crop.
It's what we sowed million thoughts ago.

Now we just harvest the whole row.
Things are a lot faster.
Time seems to flash by.
Almost feels like you're high.
And then i ask myself, why?

And then i tell myself.
That's why.
I make the question, 
answer it in time.
Look at the answer until it forms a rhyme.
Then i sip, on a glass of wine.
Oh, life is just about fine.
Let the sun shine.
Let the water fall.
Let the music call.
Just sit back and listen.

'cos i can't face the evening straight, you can offer me escape.
houses moving houses speak, if you take me there you'll get relief.'

The thing beautiful about here is, people respect goodness.
Kindness flows in one another when everyone is at ease,
about the beauty and diversity in each of us. 
There is a sort of synchronicity that sucks all the negativity,
and brings in a peaceful conversation.
Flickering of the eyes, sometimes a smile.
A gentle exchange of no words.
I love it and everything about it.
I want to be a part of it's essence and add mine to it.

To the radiant charm, that makes me shake.
To my core, yet willing to be shook further more.

The essence of architecture so true,
that a person living in a space, becomes the space itself.
How's that for a start?

Love & Light

12 Novembre 2014
Florence, Italy 

Monday, 27 October 2014

One Step Closer

I'd like to tell you i know more now,
I'd like to tell you i see further than before now.
But you ask me how?

You ask me when will you see?
It's all in my head?
That's the only thing you think i dread.
That's the only way you see me shine.
That's the only way you feel i'm divine.

But i tell you, not now.
It's not the question of how.
How, or why or when,
When did this melody begin?

So i take you back,
A couple of years untold.
A piece of worthless dime.
It's scratched like it was never gold.
What's in a name, what's in the bag?
What's the hall of fame, when is the momentary lapse?

I asked you what you see, when you see me.
You told me you find you, and then you can be me.
But that's not right, why can't i gather insight?
Or how can you, when you're not you.
But you're trying to be you,
Like different shades of blue.
When you see the darkness, 
you shine your light.
When you feel the darkness,
you find your soul and might.
It empowers your soul, 
your blood bursts red,
your power flows in waves,
in a flux of threads.

They entangle the atmosphere,
they hang over walls,
they drown any reason, 
any shimmer or calls.
Shiny eyes, them shiny white eyes.
How does it feel like,
When you learn it's a disguise.
How do you know even, 
what's about to rise?

It's simple.
I feel it,
Before you see it.
I can be it.
I can guess your chit.
What can you call me?
A liar, a deception.
Well, every great idea was born through conception.
And when it takes shape, 
as it gently takes form.
Like a razor sharp knife,
or the thunder before the storm.

Dissolving all pain, 
and circling the dust,
carrying it all around. 
Breaking your only crust.
It rips through your face,
cuts through your skin.
Then the true you evolves,
coming out of your sin.
What you find is the face,
where people find no trace.
What's the identity, 
or the task,
And what's left to last?

People, people, people.
Walking everywhere, eyes about.
Gently looking, or staring without a doubt.
Where have these new roots sprout?
What can you call, when you can't shout?
I tell you now, try and find no reason.
Just go with season,
it goes by fast.
It's cold now,
But it's colder when it's dark.
When you see the morning sun shine,
Bow down and take a blessing from the divine.
Closer we are now, to where we are going.
What is this piercing new breeze that's gently flowing?
What is this simple wind of sorrow,
why does it not feel like it's hollow.

You begin to see, what it's like to be free.
There is free will, there is freedom.
That's what it's called.
It's the same thing.
What you do with it, is up to you.
Can you try and change the color, the hue?
Or tweak up the contrast, make the dark ones blast.

Splatter over the page, 
patterns twirling like a maze,
like a spider gently walks into its web,
knowing there's a dear friend, waiting in the end.
Crawling up, it's claws inside, looking at lunch.
Whats there to hide?

The eyes shine, its screaming out.
But the mouth is shut, it can't even pout.
In gentle delight, the lunch is made.
There is never a rule, that the queen forbade.
It's choice, and matters that rule us all.
It's our power to try and take the fall.
Or run.
why don't you.
Run like hell.

Climb up the hill, till your knees swell.
But once at the peak, do look down.
Take a ski board, and plunge without a frown.
If you don't go forward, that silence will dissolve you,
But you can float inward, then nothing can grab you.
There are memories, they come rushing to stab you.
Take it, over and over again take it.
Till the knife is sharp no more,
Till nothing is left to cut no more.
Till the surface is ripped apart, and torn to bits.
What will you find then, what will take those hits?

I try to tell you, don't compare.
I try to tell you, try yourself, dare.
What's with that stare?
Work it out, can't you smile first?
What's water if it doesn't quench thirst?

I want to cease, i want to stop.
I want to turn blind, to all those shops.
I want to make my bread,
And sew with my own thread.
After all,
It's the best a man can get.

Va bene?


Soul Psykik

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The Bridge

So i've got to say, this is purely romantic.
Or at least, of what i make of romance.

So you know this feeling,
when you're standing on a bridge alone?
You have nothing on your mind,
you're just watching the water flow under you.
As you stare at the water,
gently floating under, its gives you a sensation.

That the water is stagnant,
And the bridge is floating, gently.
Do you realize what happened?

You became the flow.

Even for a second if so.
It's just how it happens.
You're just standing there,
staring into point blank.
It's the only time you let down your flank.
There's no guard, there's no feeling.
Your mind feels like its about the hit the ceiling.

Understand that just like this flow,
You are the person, the one to go.
You just have to stop, stand, stare.
The whole world will revolve around you,

Love, it's like a melody.
When you're in love you know.
It doesn't have to be eternal love, 
for it to show.
It's just a feeling, like any other.
So what about the rest of them,
Aren't they intense too?
Of course they are, 
Only your perception is too far.
Look, it's just a simple road.
There are many great melodies.

With time the memories unfold.
Things that happen, do for a reason.
Time heals all,
It happens every season.
What's happened is a must,
Don't call it unjust.
Not just yet,
before you make moves you regret.

Because that's the feeling of pain,
That's why your mind strains.
Why make a decision based on now,
When we know it's all we have.
Why don't we let now, make the decision for us?

It's simple, yet so strange.
It seems like the process is a game.
But it's  not, its just the thought.
What your heart feels is the only truth.
But you know, it's your only youth.
Never comes again.

Would you stand on the bridge.
Close your eyes for a second?
The river will speak to you.
You'll learn another lesson.

I've told you more everyday,
And everyday i've known less.
As time passes by,
I pass by.
I've opened the room,
When the outside was flushed with water.

It swept in 
swept me off my feet.
Gobbled up the room.
And again, everything was lost.
Everything inside was floating.
But do you realize, what happened?

I became a part of something bigger.
Bigger than me, bigger than the room.
Bigger than the vessel.
I was a part of the river/sea/ocean.
I was a part of something which had everything,
Now i don't need to swim my way.
The potential energy carries me through.

They say if you're drowning,
and you try to fight it, you'll drown.
Listen to the voice inside you,
Float, the water will just surface you.
Don't lose your breath just yet.
In the end, you're on top.
Don't tire yourself by fighting nature.
It has it's ways.
But it's never unfair.
It does what it has to.
Because it's bigger than mankind.

Bigger than the worldly realm,
It ceases to exist on this material plane.
Of course if you really want to make this,
about water and drowning and technicality,
you'll never understand what the fuck i'm saying.

But trust me, don't use your mind.
Just read, just feel my words.
Don't you think there's something more.
More to what i'm saying?
Well its all about opinion.
I'm just a messenger.

But okay, we'll go with the heart.
Ever feel like it's hurting.
It's trying to tell you something.
Why don't you listen, 
Instead of reacting to it.
Why don't you drown in it's sorrow when it pains?
Why do you want to do something about it.
Are you going to die?
Probably not.

But you will, inside.
If you don't listen to it.
One day, it just stops talking to you.
Believe me, when that happens,
You're already dead.
Why make everything so complicated.

Why don't you just sit and watch.

I know, it's not easy to sit on a chair.
And watch, the whole world burn around you.
But really, do you think running into,
the fire is a better option?
You really must be willing to sacrifice.
Of course, you can see no one following.

It's a road which is not meant to be followed.
Whoever stands on the bridge is the river.
The river will show you the way.
But are you willing to just sit there and see?
Maybe, maybe not.
But you can give it a try can't you?

What is it that you really want?
You can't have an answer, without having a question.
Throw your questions in.
Indeed you will find the answer.
Just articulate the question.
You know, when you know something.
From deep inside, you just know it.

There is nothing which can show you,
or tell you or lead you.
It's only what you see fit to you, 
that will lead you.
But listen to it closely.
There's a difference, 
between what you feel,
and what you think you feel.

When you're lost and you can't find the bridge.
Stop, go back in time.
Where did you start out from?
Where was your home,
from where you walked out of,
to seek what you do.
There's no other way.
Maybe try it another day.

Faith is a word used too often,
Felt too little.

Emily tries, but misunderstands.
She's often inclined to borrow,
somebodies dreams till tomorrow.

Monday, 22 September 2014

Technical Hiccups

Can i interest you with some background music ?

Reap with a smile, get to walk another mile

I get to see the destruction while you try and cross it.
I get to see the construction whilst they don't even gloss it.
I get to be the obstruction and don't even doubt it.
I get to play the game without the fame.
I get to see your shame, without the pain.
To me you're all the same, one day train. The next day fail.
The day after call. The next week fall.
The week after you stand tall.

Like nothing happened.
Like something should speak.
Like i should make your senses tweak.
What is it i teach?
I teach how to preach.
If you don't practice your education.
You can't know the next station.
So what good is a train.
When you know there is a plane?

What good is silence.
When all around you is violence?
I'll tell you.
Be silent.
They'll tell you be violent.

I'll tell you be a violin.
You know how it sounds?
It's painful yet wears a crown.
It's a wonderful epiphany.
To be the one you can never be.

To yourself you must question.
What is this inception.
Can you walk your own dreams?
Can you stalk your own being?

Can you satisfy yourself?
Can you prove your right, your wrong.
Can you answer your own demon.
Can you turn your instinctual beam on?

Intuition by day, Instinct by night.
Without a doubt, you can take flight.
Whoever you cross, you can witness their might.
As gentle as a feather,
or as firm as tuscan leather.

We must stay together.
You tell yourself that.
Because inside you is whatever can hide you.
Your child of dreams,
Your world of steam.
Turning into water,
As you watch the world slaughter.
What good is a name.

What happens to the blame?
Why do they point at you.
All you have been is true?
If it's so, you can jump and dance.
You can fall in everlasting romance.
You can see you have them all.
You can see they answer to every call.

Trust is a small word.
Like a sparrow is a small bird.
But the difference it makes?
Is real.
Because the sparrow's joy no one can steal.
It's beauty is whoever see's it.
It's kindness is whoever touches it.
It's throat you may slit.
But then where will you fit?

Is lust a must?
Can you then call it unjust?
It's only a matter of time.
When you look past the rhyme.
You realize it's you,
and then my words you will see through.
And then when you know where you stand,
You'll know what these words have planned.

It's a state of trance.
You can dance away your sins.
But remember, that's where it all begins.
A new road may unfold.
But the path may be warm or cold.
And so you're told,
To not let it get the better of you.

The bitter is drowned,
The horns are found.
They blow a gentle melody.
They remind me of great bark, a yellow tree.
You can see, it's serene.
It's a tree after all.
It's roots fall into the core.
It's like the edge of the shore.
From here there are two ways.

Onto the land,
or into the sea astray.
Wherever you are,
Direct your being.
It's true, it is.
Whatever you're feeling.

Don't waste time,
it's the only currency.
It's what makes the currents see.
Where to go, and where to hide.
What force to put behind the tide.
And finally when the new tracks arrive.
You know you made it,
and then you will thrive.

But that's the question.
Why wait to only survive?

When you know there is no man at the gate?
When you know there is no prison but your own mind.
Can't you free yourself?
Where can you hide?

It's the only thing stopping you from taking pride?
What have you found?
What do you feel now.
Are you spell bound.

If you don't believe,
take a rebound.
Bounce back on the floor,
drown the sorrow you bore.
There's only one way up, and no way down.

Do you understand now?
Get up, wear your crown.
Princess, turn into a queen.
The path is gentle,
like you it's clean.

To Laugh is a must.
To Love is not lust.
Passion is a flame.
Fire, is not a game.
Burning is important,
If you don't believe me record it.

Memorize your feeling,
when adrenaline hits your ceiling.
And run as fast as you can,
because soon there will be a change of plan.
Who makes the change?

Two hands to a clock,
One hand just to mock?
It's three.
it's the only way it can be.
Driver. Force. Core.
Mind, Body. Soul.
Tick. Tock. Tick.

Don't act like a prick.
Respect the whole lot.
It's better than getting lost.
Re-examine everything you've been told.
Discard anything that insults your soul.

Good, and old.
Take the stage.
Stomp your feet.
Or jump on your toes.
As high as your flight goes.
It has to land.
just make sure there's floor.
To have a lot of luggage, you need to store.
Whatever you've caught, is not to just get lost.
These are memories you bore.
And their pain you've tore.
But shed it nonetheless, every time you sink.
It's only a matter of two blinks.

Duty calls,
Fractal patterns and hyper-strength.
Go figure.

With lots of love and light,
Soul Psykik

Friday, 29 August 2014

Sat Namm

The truth is, what i'm searching for is everywhere. 
Yet, it is nowhere.

You see, its a choice of lifestyle.
Simple things that make a difference.
Yet, they don't ever matter. Never will.

 What you see is what you get.
Yet you'll be a man filled with regret.
Happiness is such, that temporary it's a must.

You see their pain, and it becomes yours.
This is what i call the irony of our age.
This is why, the whole world is a stage.
When you know beyond what you can grasp.

You finally collapse.
Your imagination is beyond imaginary.
That's why they call you a visionary.

But a visionary,

has a vision that's scary.
You see, it doesn't exist.

Yet you see, it does.
It's all about what your eyes can't see.
It's all about what they can never be.
It's a choice of lifestyle.

Here or there, everything is the same.
Of course, the atmosphere is different.
But the story stays the same,
Through the money and the fame.

The places may change,
but as humans we refrain.
We can be much more,
we can swim from shore to shore.

Tears, i need.
Tears, indeed.

But none come out,
Until there is no more doubt.

Wings we have sprout.
But fly, we cannot.

Soar we can, that's the simple plan.
But how far are you willing to go.

After all,
materialism is all there is to show.

There's an option,
Go slow.

But when you do, you become the flow.
And when eyes and ears you can be,
What happens to your own?
Where do they go.
In a carnival of rust,

You're just a ghost in the dust.
Not a part of the plane.
Yet, a dart in the game.
You see, and they feel.

You hear, and they pain.
And then it ripples,
with immense power.
And then the fury upon you showers.
Where will you go.
When there's no one left to save you from yourself.

The truth is my identity.

The truth is all i am.
Whoever has to find me, will find me.
Whoever has to confide in me.

Whoever has to bind with me.
I remain transparent.
It's apparent.
It's all there is.

I am all there is.
I love you all.
I shall never fall.

Just, pick up my call.
Because when the time comes,
You will hear a million hums.

Of hearts that you've broken.
And ties that you've severed.

May the peace find you.
May the light find you.

May love surround you.
Thank you Max, Manuella, Sara, Jasbhagat, Ajja, Naima, Parvati Records and all the other beautiful beings!

Grazie mille Blackmoon 2014, Italy                                                                                                                                             - Soul Psykik

Thursday, 3 July 2014

The Two Souls : Hope and Grace

So now you embark upon a gentle song,
A shallow whisper. .
A sense of belonging is in the air.
There is a feathery touch to a slithering snake.
There is a shimmery look to a vanishing fade.

What sorcery is this?

The room is filled with aroma.
The broomstick is gone.
The witch is flying.
In her tower, but. Rapunzel is crying.

Who are these creatures.
Why are they spying?

The two sisters.

Hope and Grace.
They come and go without a trace.
They speak those words, then vanish into haze.
This chaos is caused by a creative space.

There's music in the air, some cards here or there.
They gently speak with a laugh or two.
A tone of blue, a hint of green.
And there we have the yellow submarine.
There's a wine filled glass, called sangria. It's class.
There's a green eye divinity, staring at a million entities.
Her tattoo says ' serendipity '.
Her neck is glowing, her hair is always flowing.
source :

What's there in a name?
She asks, as a gentlemen offers her a glass.
Her shiny white teeth, takes the gentleness of the sheets.
The man is raw, and staring at her bare.
Inside his mind, plays a million dirty dares.

The stench of the drink,
And her heart subtly shrinks.
She lands on the bottom of the sink.
In her despair,
She stares at another pair.
Another set of lovely shoes lost their flare.

To her disgust, was just a matter of trust.
That she couldn't see what her eyes told she must.
Is it a camera, or a mirror of dust?
Is this all they have to offer, some dirty lust?

Source :


What is there in your name?
She asks, now.
Who are you and what is your game?
What do you think..

You could please me?
Do you think you'd like to tease me?
I've seen the likes of you, and a million more i see.
Around me, you drool like a bunch of fleas.

I sit here, and drown myself in this elixir named Ethanol.
Oh, snap.
That's not what you folks call it these days.
I guess it's alcohol.

Well, all i see now is you and your sorry excuse.
You come to me, and my beauty you try and seduce.
I watch your eyes, and your slyly smirking lips.
And you think that gives you the right to stare at my hips?

Source :

And then you say, that i'm being loud.
And then you say, you're not wrong, it was just the crowd?

Man, i should give you a crown.
You could be the worlds most celebrated clown.
But then again, calm down.
Look around you.
See what you've found?

Where have all the women drowned?

And then when Dylan ask's you.
"What was it you wanted? Tell me again so i know.
What's happening in there? Whats going on in your show?
Whatever you wanted, slipped out of my mind.
Would you remind me again, oh would you be so kind? "

Oh, where was i?
Yes, so why did you come to me?

Miss, i saw you from a distance.


I just wanted to get a closer look at you. .


Then you looked at me, and i wanted to. .
(Her eyes widened)
source :


I'm sorry i think i'm a little tipsy, I'm not usually like this.

So you were a little lost, and looking for a way to come
and express how YOU WOULD LIKE TO?

Talk to me is it?

Well, do you know where i was?

I looked at you looking at me and i looked into your eyes.
My self reflected in you and i saw what you were looking at.
Which was me.

And when i saw you looking at me,
And i looked at the way i was looking at you.
You didn't realize that i was looking through you..
To what you were looking at.

source :
Which was me.

And when i saw me i wasn't happy.
I wasn't happy the way i looked to you.

The way you would make me.
Or the way you want to make me.
Source :

Bitch, i have no idea what you're saying.
I'm out of here.
You wouldn't want to mess with me.
You don't know who i am.

Yeah? Who are you?
(Eyes ferocious) (Ready to rip)
Source :


Yes, who?

I'm the son of..

Ahan? GO ON!

I would love to know who you're born to and what you're born with.
Because that's what you think you are.
Because that's what you're proud to be.
Because that gives you a sense of manhood and strength.
The motive to conquer everything.
And objectify, dice, try, sink, smoke, drink, pass, tease, please, grab, touch, sense..
Everything that you see.
You're just another ZOMBIE.
source :

You're a nutcase, has someone told you?
You're barely a woman.
You're pathetic.

Really? You shouldn't have wasted so much time talking to me here then?
(Calming down)
What sense does it make?
(Smiling naughty)
Source :

Am I'm coming with you?

If you want to, i got a great ride back to great BIG(stressing) house.
And a great bed at that.
source :

(smirking, wink)
It's the good life.

She takes the drink, ingests it.
Starts to walk away.
Turns around.
Walks back, and splurt's it out on his shirt.

" I hope i PAINTED a pretty picture of you, for you. "

She's off.
source :

Mirror, mirror.
On the wall.
Who's the fairest one of all?

And as Hank Moody, say's,

" No matter how many times we get it  wrong, We never give up.
We keep trying. Until the beginning and end in a blurred something,
called Until We Meet Again..

And that's it, I didn't know how to finish it.

Because it's not over. And it'll never be over.

Until there is You. And there is Me.
There is Hope & Grace."

Source : The skies


Until we meet again..!