Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Drowning in Space

Flash of bright light. Bang, A wailing sound in the air.
Gentle breeze, eerie silence, water dripping on the wooden planks of the floor.
Open door, carelessly creaking. A rocking chair, moving itself back and forth.
An empty cup on the edge of the table.

Ps. I'd like to introduce an upcoming project I started - Have some tunes in the back for you!

You're probably out there wondering what signs are these,
I'm probably a lonely lumberjack in the forests of Montreal.
You've known these words for so long, but they haven't known you for a while now.

Yes, you. Oh love of the birds, gentle music of the trees.
Nature's child. Fantastic, ecstatic love.
There's beauty in your dimly lit eyes. I can see worlds, not just emptiness.
I can finally see, oh, I can finally be.
I do not know where the wind can take me, but I can finally fly.

You know those times of grief and pain,
where your whole world stops to breathe.
You can listen to your second breath taking over,
You can feel it's drowsy influence over your mind.
You know those times, where nothing seems fine,
And you have only yourself to blame.
Oh well, where will you go, when there's no-one left to save you from yourself?
You can't escape the truth. I realize you're afraid, but I can't protect the whole world.
You can't escape the truth.

I've told you this a thousand times, though a thousand times seem shallow.
For what lies beyond this truth, Is the secret of eternal youth.
You just have to cross the threshold.
What are these secrets I'm talking about, you ask?
I'd give you a hint or two if you were right in front of me.
I could run my palm across your face and you'd know.

You'd know that there's nothing that you or I could ask for,
And there's nothing that they could take away from us.
Only one another, and each others shadows which we can't differ.

Which one's mine? Which one's yours?
These two universes have collided. I don't see a route for redemption.
All I see is wailing, all I hear is pain.
Yet, I find this absolutely amusing.
 What is it, where have we reached? ...
Please, come in. Do it like it's in your heart. Sit yourself, Serve yourself.
I know, there's a bit of disorder, and you haven't yet seen the head.
There, is a grand chaos, but i'm going to fix it.

To start with a fresh drop of blood,
I'd say you completely misunderstood me.
You completely drowned into my charm.
And you mistook me.
You intended to give me your heart, but instead you found mine.
And now the whole world feels like it's running without time.

Your gentle eyes, your kindly smile,
I want to know more.
Your soft touch, and your skin so fine,
I wanted to know more.
You wrathful desires, your intimate fire,
I wanted to feel some more.
The breakdown of time, and moving beyond divine,
I feel like there's still hope.

An untimely sorrow, a despair only borrowed,
The lover's cry.
A soul is lost under time and it's dust,
I can't find myself anymore.

I lost myself, I cannot recline,
I don't know where I'm headed.
I surged through water, through wind and fire,
And Earth is nowhere to arrive.

I found some trust,
In the merciless fire of lust,
And now it the peels down the crust.
The ink is fresh, Like a wound in the flesh,
The story has just begun.

I waited a while, for this wheel to be spun.
The world will now become undone.

Monday, 18 July 2016

The Bed of Lies - A story to be True

First and foremost,
I've recently composed a new forest experimental track,
I would like to share it with y'all
Scyther Project - ShowBizzMess (VA-Untouchable Aura) D NOIR RECORDS - IT

If truth were ever to be told,
they always used to say old is gold.
Now i arrive upon the time,
I find that my own soul is sold.

Into the depths of darkness, 
I longed to be bound by it,
This spiral revealing a circular reality,

How could i question it's existence?

It's ironic how there's hope when there's light,
And how the dark is supposed to help you find it.
But innocent we are, when we believe, 
that you're going to finally unwind it.

Yes, you can see it, 
It's within your reach.
Come, o' dear child,
Spread your wings, and preach.
I know it's a long walk, 
but you've been given wings to fly,
come my dear, it's time to get high.

So, I've come to this point where i let go of  hope.
I've come to this point where i diminish life, it's potential scope.
There's pain and suffering in this city and by what it's bound.
Temporary Solitudes by Attilio Tripodi

There's barely anyone who's breathing, not many can hear much sound.
There are smiling creatures, there are glimpses of nature.
But the modern lie is to satisfy your eyes,
because to touch would be getting into bed with the spies.

How could you do this,
how could you not see.
 How could you hold it in,
how could you be.
You're not real, neither am i, 
You can still touch me, but i can't even feel.

You can still kiss me, but i can't even see.
There's a sense of discomfort,
the way i like it to be.
There's a feeling in my stomach,
but i can't even count to three.


These feelings are undone.
It's easy, to live the lie.
It's easy to close thy eye.
But there's another one watching,

I'd like to give it a thought.
Be with you,
see all your childish cravings through,
but then i've got mine,
and those aren't as fine.
Aren't as clean as yours,
I'm not so good at hiding my flaws.

I have desires, but they're not of those sorts.
They're not humanly, they're asking for a lot.
This sadism is well kept under,
For once it's out,
I'm an exposed blunder.
And then i yearn,
I feel the need to kill.

I feel the fire, that's burning within,

Don't mistake me,
It's not mine.
I can look into you,
I can see your heat through.
You've left me scattered, in a thousand pieces of glass.
I've been stepped on a million times after, 
there's blood filled in that flask.

It's the one thing i want you to drink,
It's the only thing that i'd do,
I won't even blink.
I want to caress your soul,
As i've already done with mine.

I want to rip you apart.
so as to make you mine.
It's gory, isn't it?
This story of love.

Well, I never said it's about me and you.
It's not always about letting her fly away,
The white dove.
Somewhere along the way, 
i'd let her fly.
Only to let my eagle hunt her down,
Chase the prey.

Watch her squeal into the battle in the haze.
Then splatter blood, 
the air is unjust.
The eagle has made it's kill.

The dove barely breathe's.
Now, now.

Would you call it a sin?

So i ask you now,
what would you make of me.
Do you still think you know me?
Do you still think we can be?

I'd let you in,
on this small little secret.
I'd let you open this one little door.

Bring me a knife, 
slice open your vein.

Drink to me,
And let me drink into you.
Then we can sin.

How about that,
weren't we always human.
How about that now,
that's a pretty picture,
zoom in.

You look beautiful,
That white dress of yours.
I can see your scars.
You're full of flaws.

I want to do things to you.
That you wouldn't let a man do.
But then again i'm almost human,
Only that i'm colored blue.

Yeah, you're right.
I'm getting aggressive.

It's only a matter of time.
The results are impressive.

You see, a human can only do so much.
Until he goes beyond.
Until he crosses the line, and such.
Who do you think makes these lines?

These shining lines of white light.
They're just a mix of pain and pleasure,
until they can rid you of your only treasure.

It's the last border.
It's your personal request to your daemon,
Your last order.
Once you're done, 
You're in for good.

You can never take off your hood.
A Joker, A Magician.
An Assassin, A Thief.

A lair full of grief.
A bed full of lust.
A dungeon filled with fire.
A thirst for painful desire.

Come, o' dear child.
Share you sins.
The games are about to begin.

Let's Evolve.
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Friday, 25 March 2016

L'effetto (An - 'is it a true story?') by Scyther Project

An untimely sorrow befalls us, the time has come as foretold once,
I'm sitting in the gently drifting boat, upon the seas of my doing,
I'm carelessly caressed by a river of haunting tranquility,
there is so much silence.
There is no chaos anymore,
 the world has disappeared on the distant shore,
there is so much silence.

This kind of calmness, i've never experienced before.
I never thought tranquility could bear such a face.
It's not ugly, but it's ever so haunting.
There's this gloomy purple, all behind it.
Yes, it's so beautiful you can hear the slightest twitch,
yet there is so much more to the witch.

She floats above the river, in eerie white shades,
casting down lullabies and scattered haze.
Her eyes glisten with starvation, 
she hasn't been breathing in a while.
Who ever she touches, she robs them through the veins.
She gently draws out the air, from every single being,
once touched, she can't stop from feeling.
She want's the feeling to pierce her through,
Yet she doesn't care. She doesn't realize.
She doesn't want to know.

Yeah, she's a valkyrie.
She sucks out energy with her spell casting smile.
Her voice, as light as a bird, she smiles.
Her haunting, beautiful dying face.
There is so much silence.

It's absurd, this reality.
There is no story to live.
There is no tale to tell.
There is fate to be expected.
You've gone too far ahead to try and look back.
You've gone too far ahead to relate to what now is.

You've broken yourself, by breaking the realm.
There is just peace.
There is just silence.
There is magic, it is ever evolving.

You may never see it.
You may feel it. But haven't you already?
Haven't you felt it a million times in your stomach?

What the fuck are you.
What have you done to me.
Who am i talking to?
There is so much silence.

It's creepy, y'know.
Hearing so much when there is nothing there to listen.
It's one of the worst feelings in the world.
Just voices.
Voices rambling inside your head.
It's unfortunate.
Maybe it's not.

A blessing in disguise?
Who am i kidding.
Blessings are never disguised.
You just know it.

In a simple story, of life and beyond,
where metaphysics and vibrations emerge from the dark,
where there are fruits sprouting directly from a bark,
where tales are told in whispers and hushed sound,
where a smile is feared, a touch is out of bounds.

Yeah, it's the best joke mankind has heard.
You're free to do what you want.
Now, what are you going to do?

The clouds vanish, there is a whistling wind blowing.
The sky is mildly purple, a little pink here and there gloating.
Oh, you wandering stranger,
Come shelter in my nest,
I have warmth, i have a tender breast.
Rest upon my shoulder, rejoice as you must.

You're a weary traveler, and i'm full of lust.
I hold you by the hand, and gently feel your lips,
There's so much softness, your supple, radiating skin.
I'm intrigued by what i might do to you.
I want to take you there.

The curtains fall, there's wine floating all around me.
Red, as blood and as mischievous as it's consumers.
It's a shady little story, there's controversy.
There's nature and it's manipulation.
Like the weather these days, y'know.

There is so much silence.
I feel like it's killing me.
Or maybe i'm killing it.

She gasps, her arms fall on the soft linen,
she's smiling.
She's glowing.
It's fading.
Everything is flashing, 
with minute glimpses of her eyes twinkling,
her lips pressing themselves, 
her muscles contracting,
she want's to know more.

I sit there, floating in this boat.
There's nothing around me.
It's all blue, it's all different shades of blue.

I feel like i can't breathe.
The smoke is overflowing, 
it's filling the room with grey tones of death.
My blues are fighting to survive.

They're forming a sort of waterfall.
I can see a shadow.
There's no light.
I can see a shadow.
There's no light here.

I can see.
I can see.




There is so much silence here.
I can see.
There's a look on your face, 
that can't understand what you just understood.

And you know what,  
i don't care.

Monday, 22 February 2016


So begins to unravel, a story of solitary travel,
The point where the object lay stationary, yet unraveled.
the end of an era is the beginning of another,
with words come the power to smother.

Money is the root of all problems caused,
the way we use it the fruit of what lies in our thoughts.
I start with a simple lie, and i see the other children cry.
I ask myself why must i listen to their pain,
It reveals itself now, 
listening is the only comprehensible frame.
For what our eyes see these days.

To understand is not a must, 
or to judge if what happens to them is unjust,
I just sit there and glance,
what seems to you like trance.

So everyday they woke up, 
they went to bed silently.
So every night, their heart shook,
 their heads throbbed violently.
I've tasted the maggots in the mind of the universe
And i was not offended
for i knew i had to rise above it all.
Or drown, in my own shit.

I know what you must be thinking,
 of course you're just human.
What's the point of a story with no beginning
 and no seeming end,
Don't you see little human,
 you're just perceiving a followed trend?

Why must it make sense,
 what story do i have to tell?
When write i must, 
it's your story or dust?
If it's silver or lead,
 then i'd gladly join the dead,
Because if silver is all you know, 
then you'll never know.
The value of Gold,
 the value of letting it all unfold.

Look around you, 
the sun is bright.
Everyday we work, to gather one or the other, insight.
I mourn to learn, the secrets of the past.
The other day i learnt
the spells that i'm now going to cast.
You know it can't exist, 
that's why you call it magic.
And then you someone you know just disappeared, 
and you call it tragic?

What's this industry,
 these people who seem to know.
What's this stage they command us on,
 can they ever understand your flow?
It's sad to learn that there's a long way to go, 
before any one of the soldiers will fall.
For the army is already marching,
 if that's what you call.
The troops are fighting,
 the battle has already begun.
There's someone, somewhere watching,
 you can't even try and run.

I'm going to seize you by the neck,
 and pick you up into the skies,
Said Zeus.
I'm going to tear your tiny legs apart,
 and feed you to the clouds,
They're formed by tears of the people you hurt,
They've been waiting to rain out loud.
I've seen you act, all this way through, 
and now you stand before me.
I can't let you in, unless i see you in three.

If you must ask, 
I need you in three pieces,
 A head, a body and feet if you must.
And then i will cast my shiny little spell,
Oh and be careful, try not to yell.

You will lose everything you ever thought of was pain,
And then i'll touch you, 
and you'll feel like you've been hit by a train.

Why, oh why, would you do this to me?
Am i not beautiful,
 Am i not in three?
I have a soul, a body and mind,
I've the age of small little wild child.
I'm naughty yes, 
the dark spider bit me once,
But i danced and danced,
 till the bread turned to crumbs.

Don't you ever touch me, 
All i feel for you is hatred,
Don't you ever love me, 
You know it's overrated.

And then, He cried.
I know you've been loved,
I know that you've loved before.
But now where i'm going to take you,
Is to temptational shores.
It's made with such grace
That the best of men stutter,
It's made of an unforgivable trace,
It makes the best of women start to mutter.

Every other day i'm counting myself as dutiful.
As you sit there, and sip, 
and laugh in disguise,
I'm sitting here and 
counting the million'th time you try.
You can do it all you want, 
but you'll never truly understand,
What am i trying to tell,
 what have i planned?

Oh, and then you'll see, 
What your so called folks say,
It's not your say.
When you know
We've been hurt, been down before.
It's too strong a battle to let go,
Right in my basement of dreams
those severed heads go.

Oh i forgot, i had to let you know.
They're coming to get you, and you have nowhere to go.

Rest in peace, friend.
See you on the other side.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Hai detto la verita.. vero?


So it's known for a fact that the universe is known
to work is the strangest of ways,
Yet such vast a phenomena cannot be explained
in the mere cosmic play of words
You see that there are many things that
could go one way or another at one point of time.
And every opportunity thought of can be thought
 to end in the eventual perceived result,
but the problem/fun part of the equation is,
every action thought about to lead to that eventual outcome
 is a series of decisions,
and their aftermath through which we have arrived.
Hence suggesting the fact that even those decisions which you took,
which made you arrive at the final decision,
has a series of reactions,
and though we can think of what can or cannot happen,
Can we ever tell?

Think about it,
would you be able to know for sure what happens next,
so as to describe the future,
perceived by you and your perception of how things will react to it?

So about these parallel decisions thought of at one point of time.
They did actually take place.
But they took place, in your thought process.
Simplified, your stream of consciousness.
Simplified further, the consciousness of the world.
(do you think it has one?)

You know when it happens that these occurrences took place,
Maybe they happened in an alternate universe?
Could it be possible that those actions in these alternate universes,
circled around to change something in our very own universe?
Our very own being.
The fact being how can they arrive here,
even if it does exist.

So you mean to say that the universal consciousness,
Is not applicable for these other universes,
Given that there exist any?

Of course, 
I might just be talking about a multiverse.

Wait, what?

I mean a definition to a body of many universes together?
That means that you have to call it multiverse consciousness!

If i called it a multi-verse conscience, 
wouldn't universal conscience already mean that?

The fact being, that i called it universal upto what i know,
Or lets say science knows, there exists.
But when it finds it, 
It'll just be called a multi-verse conscience of parallel realities.

Or not?
Think about that,
The past, the present, the future.
What if they are happening together and interact with each other?
Who is to know that someday we arrive to that multi-universe,
And see ourselves 20 years ago, or in front.

What if anything i change in the present,
may change my future for good.
Yeah, you're correct.
I got that from Back to the Future.
Look at this, it was today, when they went into the future!
That ought to count for something, yes?

But hey, think about it man.
They called it 'back' to the future for a reason.
Stop frowning, i'm not going to say the government is out to get us.
Or our food is not food.
Or money is not real.

I'm just asking you to wonder about how intriguing it would be,
If what you're reading right now(present)
is probably changing something in your 40's,
And every thought you take is causing this,
In multiple versions of reality.

Maybe you, yes you.
are probably not even realizing when you dream,
and when you're do you're actually in another reality.
The only fact being that it's just the same familiar surroundings?

Okay, 'it' gets it.
There can be a million realities to be seen.
Or known, or thought about.
What matters is what we are doing here, at this moment.
Which is weaving a path of complexity, or subtlety,
Happiness or sorrow.
childishness or maturity.
Conformity or insecurity.

Or maybe what clothes i'm going to wear in college tomorrow,
Does that color suit those boots?
Oh wait, i have to meet the colleague of mine,
who never asked me for my name,
but told me her whole life story?
Oh man, i got clean up my room.
So will it really help if you prayed?

I believe so, si.
Prayer would eventually be thoughts in your mind yes.
Thoughts sent out to this stream of consciousness.
Thoughts sent out to the atmosphere,
Swirling out through all the wood, the concrete, the metal, glass,
Swooshing through pollution and electronic frequencies,
Entangling through the clouds and water, and oxygen and carbon,
moving into vibrations as they hit space,
eventually moving something somewhere, in this solar system.
In the other solar systems.
In the galaxies, through wormholes,
through the third, fourth and fifth dimensions,
(yo, interstellar is a GOOD watch, man)

And then into the universe, finally dissolving.

Did you read the whole thing?
The multiverse man!
Who's counting the other universes,
Or the galaxy of the universes,
Well, I tell you,
Interstellar, good movie.
Oh inception wasn't bad either.
(Seriously, not bad??)

So what i mean to tell you, 
is that actions, reactions, contraction, and relaxation.
Respiring and exhaling.
Working, or sailing.
Smoking or drinking,
Smiling, or just blinking.

The Illusion of progress, might be progress itself.

Why'd you say that man,
Oh well, ask yourself?

Belief is a beautiful armor,
that makes for the heaviest sword.
It's like punching underwater,
You never really hit who you're trying for.

oh, John Mayer, you're a good guy.

Here;s a little sonic love from me,
For this new planet, Kepler.

Oh, and they found flowing water on MARS.
It's about time, ain't it?
They're planning to send in human settlements to MARS,
create humanity from scratch,
not make the same mistakes again.

History is being made.
How would you like a one way trip?

See you around !

Friday, 24 July 2015


I finally discovered what i like.
I finally made it, to the point of realization of what happiness means.
I finally connected to the space where the materialistic and unreal meet.
I finally understood what it feels to stand on the bridge.

It's this feeling that i never understood.
Why do people go to work?
Why do we live in a world which doesn't live.
Why do we feel like we always ask for things that life doesn't give?
It's a true story, everyone has to live out there own glory.
Everyone is the savior in their own story.

To some it's to put food on the table at the end of the day.
For some it's sleeping under the stars, or crashing the in barn hay.
We see mountains, and then we realize how small we are.
We see forests, and then realize how alive the planet is.
We see flowers, and then understand what color really means.

I don't know how or what we should do to live our lives,
When the purpose of life is to give it a purpose.
But you see one's purpose, looks to one as turquoise.
But turquoise to me might be bottle green.
So as to say that every mans blue might have a slight difference in hue,
It's how we perceive and how we're built to be.

I don't blame humanity, if we're called heading towards insanity.
Of course, we're complex creatures, more complex than some.
But to know what we are, is something that can never be done.
As science expands, so does philosophy.
They go hand in hand.
The more one knows, the further the other discovers.
It's like a dark winding road,
And seen by the two headlights of your machine.
You don't know what lies ahead, 
The front of the car is the only thing you can see.

But as your go further, you learn to trust your own wheels.
Because as far as you go, you discover the road ahead.
Of course, something could jump out of the sides,
That would take you a little by surprise.
But hey what's there to life if there isn't risk.

Why can't you say it simply, because you cannot understand.
Why can you not play the game, as its never planned.
I try and make a difference, but i can't do much beyond what i can comprehend,
I cannot make a decision, without seeing it's loose ends.
When i'm down and broken, everything seems alright,
It's when i'm uplifted, that the worlds drowning out of sight.

Oh when it pains you, i feel like i'm ecstatic.
It's only the moment, you see.
All the colors seem monochromatic.

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Theatrium - A prelude

How do i make him see it? How do i protect her?
There's a story behind a story!

It's starts with a complex thread of situations developed from the past,
Turning into the future, and coming together to form the present.
It wouldn't make any sense if it weren't interlinked.

A life that has been lived by so many, many times before, 
It's not, not true anymore.
It's felt within this simple vibration that slowly starts to arise,
and once you're completely acquainted with it's gentle sorrow,
It's starts to fade in, and out over and over again,
It becomes like a riff, a soft wild promise, 
A melody like no other, yet it sounds like every other beautiful piece,
Of music, that you've heard before.

It's a state of music, entranced by beautiful eyes shining in the distance,
yet you never notice how easy it is to lose track of time, 
like a silent harp playing in the background,
It's strings plucked with a stroke of easiness,
releasing ripples into the air,
like water in the sea, 
echoing, causing a chain of events,
so minute that you can't feel, or see it at times,
yet it surpasses like the blowing hurricane,
it's bound to cause.
It's nature and nature has it all.

Graphic arts by Scyther Project

Chaos is a part of the whole,
And without it a whole cannot exist,
yet you can't call it chaos, 
such as you can't tell whats good or bad between the two,
Well so does your perception, 
But you, you can choose to stay silent about it.
Watch it gently tear you apart from the inside,
And the next morning as you awake from the grave,
you calmly lay into, you'd know that the world has changed.

Oh well, It might not have changed but certainly you have.
You have new eyes to see, to sense that you're not the man you were.
You're not the man you were last night.
You're not as available today, as you thought yourself to be.
But keep the thought in mind, 
It's being awake to the day, and to the day to you.
As it comes gushing, in a flux of emotions,
Or gentle puffs, out of your smiling lips.

She sat there, looking up in the night.
The moon was full, bright.
Staring into the twilight,
knowing she's not the woman she was the night before.
She's smiling of course, she's more than her.
She's more than what she felt she ever could be,
And funny saying that it was only yesterday.

What was this night, that a lifetime passed by?
I'm only growing younger.
The essence of experience, flowing like a waterfall.
Her luscious red lips, beating with the fullness of her pulse.
And so she burnt, like the cigarette, on her tasty red lips.

She let down her hair, after a while.
Shallow exchanges at the bar.
She stared into her whisky, as the sunlight poured in,
Gleaming and glowing with the dust seeming like fireflies.
It's only the morning after, and i'm a year younger.
Life isn't so bad, is it?

How do i make her see it? How do i protect him?
^ do you understand now ^

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Benvenuti alla Vita

Well, i'd want to say just a few shades,
here and there where the souls trade.
It's the fantasy of this family,
where we live as if it's not insanity.
Follow the tunes!

But the truth is you must,
find the gold in the dust.
It wasn't said it'll be easy.

Like a shiny silver dot,
in the middle of a lava pot,
that refuses to melt,
no matter how many tonnes of pain it felt.

It's a molten reality,
where you can't describe what's clarity,
but what remains true is the shade you see,
because the world is made of colors,
for different eyes to see.

But yet you know, they're meant to see differently!
Of course, it's so easy.
Everything is in front of you,
But you can't even tell raindrops from dew.

Well to hell with it all,
Isn't that the final call?

What's in this game that i play with myself,
What's the trophy if there isn't no shelf.
What's there to display if the screen is broken,
What's an arcade game without a token.

It's this.
It's a glimpse of what is,
It's a glimpse of what can be,
It's a glimpse of what you cannot do,
It's a glimpse of green sitting in the blue.

But what do you have to lose,
when you're not the one who has to choose.
But chosen is what comes to you,
who makes the decision will never come through.

I know,I know.
What's the point of this mind numbing wordplay,
What's the color between the summoning of gray.
What happened to the smoke that went inside?
What happened to the world that crumbled outside?

How can you see destruction of everlasting construction.
But,how can you not?
For something new to stand, 
doesn't something old have to fall?

Is there not enough space, for the blood to not leave a trace.
Well, blood you must shed, for it's the ground you tread.
That you see is more than one choice,
That's where you understand.
You can take more than one.

So many times you have.
Ever heard about parallel realities?
Once you have a thought,
and then a million ways to go about it..
Ever wonder what goes on around it?

The world is metaphysical as we know it,
Well, I know it, you can choose to quit,
But listen to me clear if you must,
Do let your love turn to lust.
Then you'll find passion, and you'll know.

It' can always rain, but rarely does it snow.
Yeah, i speak no sense, 
but hence i must,
for wonder now what's lost in the dust?

That parallel choice, makes a decision for you.
When you think of blue, 
you know there are so many hues,
but when all the colors flash in your eyes,
And you arrive at what you think is you,
You've chosen every other color,
In this moment, it's true.

Somewhere out there,
Maybe in the slightest of vibration,
you've taken the green.
you've taken the Celeste.
you've taken the turquoise.
But you're least interested.

Why would you be,
as humans parallel realities,
we're not meant to see!
But who say's stop yourself from understanding,
what you can never begin to explain,
Why do you have to refrain?

I know why, because you fear the insane.
You fear society and it's pleasures,
You fear to be behind all it's treasures.
Well, what have you?
Some wine, some smiles and laughing at the divine?
Why not, the evening is fine.

Someone out there is dying.
And that someone out there can be you.
Only then you realize, that even snow can be dew.
How? Oh how infuriated i am.

It's water, and forms of it at all.
Temperatures they give it's duty call.
That decides what form it takes,
And it's up to you to understand.

Oh yeah, I'm not sane.
That is the plan.

One day,I'm going to be sitting there,
by the window,
with a broad ray of light filling the dark room,
Staring at the smoke falling as water from my being,
And you'll be looking at me,
Trying to understand what i'm seeing.

And you'll never ask me why.
Because you're the one who think's i'm shy.
Oh i tell you look beyond,
I can take you there.


It's a clouded, dark evening.
The sun can't see.
It's close to eerie, 
where you think the angels can't be.
And then comes along this lady clad in white,
She asks you if you're tired, 
and if you're also searching for the light.

For the first time, 
you look at her in delight.
it's not a ghost anymore,
it's just out of sight.

you say to her,
"oh! you can see me"
how come?
she says it's the weather,
care to jump?

You ask her where to go from here,
She says non ti preoccupa.
You' raise your eyebrow,
you're not the least occupied.

but the meaning stays clear,
don't you worry child.
And you think to yourself,
how pleasant, how mild?

the moment passes,
the wind against your face lashes,
her hair blows, it strikes your face.
It cuts through your mind,
It's making your blood race.
There's adrenaline in your body,
shivering as you must.

She slowly touches your palm,
What happened to your trust?
There, you're shattered.
and you don't know where you may be.
There she stands, and you cannot flee.

Because you love to be destroyed.
and you love to born again.
Like a Phoenix from it's ash.
Never knowing how high it's flown,
In it's life before,
Flying higher every time,
unaware of what was,
in everlasting fear of what will be.

She said i have to go,
and you said i cannot do much,
she said you have to stop me,
and you said i cannot budge.
It's your touch that has me numb,
and its your being that has me strung,
Strung to this drug,
this pain inside.

I want to hurt myself,
I want to drown in the tide.
She said you're too young to become the ocean,
You said i'm bound to nothing in devotion.
I'm just me, and i don't see more in water.
She said this way,
Yourself you'll slaughter.

And then crossed this spark, like fire through water,
and your eyes started to burn darker.
What is it! she said? what's wrong with your face?
What do you feel, what's the real deal?

You said I cannot be destroyed,
For i do not exist.

She said,that's not true!
you just told me i could see you!
you smiled!

And you said,
Well, you're just like me.
No different as the ocean and the sea.

Stop playing, you're scaring me!
What is it? What do you see?

I see you, I see me.
It's what i know,
I know nothing of what's to be.

Well, then. It's a lost cause isn't it?

Then something happened,
like a firework in the darkest night.
they disappeared forever.
Out of sight.

I forgot to mention,
Her name was light,
his name was eternal.
And they took it far, far away.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Dance In-Session

Well, you know this feeling already. 
You've felt it happen a million times,
and every time, It's brighter.

I'm talking about this beautiful kind of pain.
I never thought pain could be such a happy thing.
No, It's not what you imagine it at questo momento, to be.

It's closer to the sadistic kind of pleasure, true.
But it's more to do with the feeling of being alive again.
I'm talking about dancing to something,
without even trying to.
When you're in the flow,
It's not volunteering anymore.
It becomes a reflex, naturalistic movement.
Your body may feel sore,
But you just don't want to stop.

It's that feeling when music hits you.
A wave of emotions and heat,
Blasting through your body and mind.
Your soul elevated.
Thumping and bouncing up and down on a concrete play ground.
It's the feeling which makes one younger.
Down to your deepest level of innocence.

The feeling of being a child again.
Where you don't try and understand,
You're just trying to let it pass through you.
And at that moment, you're infinite.
Yes, i remember the perks of being a wall flower.
And it's exactly the kind of emotion i'm elaborating.

It's the highest sensation,
when time stops in front of your eyes.
Depends,on your eye though.
What catches it's gaze.
The color of her eyes, the softness of her skin.
The people becoming one wave.
That's when the music wins.

Of course, there is no competition.
There will never be,
and there was never any to begin with.

Ideals and constructions of society,
or of the modern day homo-sapiens, maybe.
But all in all, it's just a wall.
A brick or a prick,
there's a conscience to everything.
Just as there is a gender to a feeling.

Ever felt a feeling in terms of it's masculinity, or femininity?
Ever tried to switch from one to another,
Helping the one understand the other?
It's a standstill, Grammy winning moment, sure.
You do know that inside your own eyes lay a million smiles.
But which one you choose,
or rather which one prevails in the moment,
Is what you're truly about.

But i'd say forget about it,
Because interpretation isn't a must.
Go ahead, if you remember it's essence well enough.
But don't try to explain it.

Perche' ?

Because essence is something aromatic.
It's the smell of something beautiful,
whatever beautiful is to you.
And when you feel it's sensations,
by one of your many senses,
You can perceive how it feels.
To trails of thought and beyond,
If you think about it, there's no difference,
between an ocean or a pond.

The only way you can tell,
Is it's vastness in front of your eyes.
But what happens when you're drowning?
It's the same for a bucket or river,
It's death that makes us shiver.
But fear not if you do,
for all water in color seems blue.

Yet it's not transparent at times,
And then you start to question it as a crime.
So let it pass through you.
It's temperature may attack your heart.
It's sharpness may caress your skin.
It's slippery disguise may entice your soul.
But when it's taken you over,
Your cloth won't have a single fold.

It's all stretched out, 
and you can have what you may.
For the universe to love you,
You don't need to pray.
It is a part of you, and you are a part of it.
Just be yourself,
Whatever it is you be.

And you will begin to see.
The ocean even in the sea.

Ci sentiamo presto!

Friday, 16 January 2015

I'd be damned

I'm there just sit in your stance?
and what do i do?

I'm just there to sit in your stance,
watch it all come down to romance,
what is this that you call psychedelic trance?

why are these sounds in my head feeling the need to enhance,
why can i hear everything from a bees haze to the underlying daze
of a bird and a fly and frog if you must from forests,
and space alike watching it all come to life sitting
under a tree eating banana and strawberry
watching your messy hair 
and your gentle smile and then i move myself, 
that was the time, 
but it didn't have it all or i wouldn't bow to fall
 i would take your hand as you take me by your gentle nudge,
come on outside,
there's a lot to munch
but it always feels like i'm eating brunch
and then the moment starts to occur and the birds
start to flutter and a city of life in thrive
and there's more to see and much much more
to be and your gentle footsteps 
did guide you to where you had to be just not in the time, 
the future is still meant to be so just watch these 
lines and these directions come alive,
and follow the rail and electricity 
and light follow it all let your senses be enticed, 
it's a city of bright souls and burning gold and 
whats there to unfold is that there is nothing,
that is not planned, 
and there is everything that is left unmanned
as you walk past the gates in gentle or rush
you see what happens when its all over, the falling dust.

In your own sounds you've invested the trust
and now it's beyond power or lust.
It's the virtue to explore as you walk into open doors,
flying in your smile, and inquisitive all the time.
It's the only fuel that drives us, 
it's curiosity and its the foretold 
and you mess up your minds as you try to make up rhymes
of what i must be to you or what you must think i do,
or i is it you or i is me, 
or what are you trying to see, between the lines,
it's nothing but a shrine, 
a value if you must, 
it's the added color to every dish,
it's that extra pound of ice, that makes the biggest boat sink
but it does happen and when it does, there is a gush.

A strong wind, a gentler tide,
it's always greener on the other side.
But on both those sides stand persons 
who look at one another from their own sides, 
and then they understand 
that's how it's all meant to thrive.
To make sense of 2, there must be a 4. 
To make sense of 6 there must be a 12. 
What are these dungeons in which we dwell.
What are these places, where i've visited before.
Only now do i feel like i'm 104. 
But that's not the point, look at me, i'm just young, 
I've been curious and i've been stung, 
I've been caught up in the witches battle, 
i've been riding a horse without a saddle.
Think, if what you feel is that what you think, you feel.
Do you know then how to close the deal.?

It's a state of mind yo.